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Merry Christmas messages: Kansai Johnny’s Jr

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Kansai Johnny’s Jr

Nakata: To everyone watching Johnny’s Net

All: Merry Christmas☆

Nakata: Right now, I think you can hear the music but it’s because we’re at a Tackey & Tsubasa concert!  But this year, we had a lot of jobs this didn’t we?

Should we introduce ourselves?

Nakama: First of all, my partner, Akito Kiriyama is in the TV drama “流れ星 (Nagareboshi)” on Fuji TV at 9pm on Mondays!

I said 9pm Monday!?  He’s in (the drama)!!

Takemoto: That’s the one where he goes Ajyarakamokuretekuretto, pa!  Tap tap!! right


Kotaki: The people watching this won’t know what that means!

Nakama: So, he plays a boy who’s into Rakugo (type of Japanese comedy)!  I hope you can watch it.  It’s on national TV!!

Hamada: Yes, and the rest of us have had a lot of work too.  One is on Kansai TV, channel 8′s “ジャニ勉 (Jani-ben)”, there’s a thing called “ジュニ刑事 (jyuni-deka, junior investigator) on “Kanjani8′s jani-ben”.  Here, B.A.D and BOYS do a food report, and that’s on every Wednesday from 12:35am to 1:05am, so I hope as many of you can watch it!

Nakama: As for me, it’s my individual work, but I’m on Yomiuri TV’s “かんさい情報ネット ten! (Kansai Joho Net ten!)”, which is on from Monday through to Friday.  I’m on it twice a week at some time, twice a month

Nakata: At some time

Nakama: At some time.  I’m like a semi-regular on the show so if you could check out Johnny’s Web or Net, it’ll tell you what day I’m on so please check it out!

Nakata: It’s like you check it out and then, “oh, you’re on (today)!”

Nakama: At lunch time, and it’s news, so I think it has a meaningful purpose.  Please, watch it!

Nakata: And on Kansai TV, we’re on a show called “あっぷ&UP! (UP&UP!)” every Wednesday from 2:05pm to 3pm with a different person from B.A.D, BOYS, and Veteran on every episode so if you could also watch that too!

Hamada: Please do watch it!

Nakata: And then there’s still?

Nakama: Then there’s still?

Hamada: Yes, yes there is!

The two of us, along with Veteran’s Tatsuki Muro are on a live show at NHK.  It’s called “あほやねん! 好きやねん! (Ahoyanen! Sukiyanen!)”, and it’s on every Friday from 7:10…

Nakata: You mean 5:10pm!

Hamada: Oops, from 17:10 to 17:57.

Nakata: Remember when your own show is on already!!

Hamada: I know!  I took 10 off from 17!

Nakata: Why did you take it off!!


What, do you always work at 7am

Hamada: Anyway, it’s live, and you can see into the show from outside, so it would be great if you could call in sick at work and…

Nakata: No!!  You’re not allowed to say things like that!!  Those who have school should go to school first and if you have time afterwards then you can come and see it

Hamada: It would be great if you could come.  We have a lot of fun talking and doing a lot of things, there are lots of challenges, and it’s really a lot of fun so please come by some time!

Nakata: And we’ve got radio programs.  Like Kiriyama-kun and I host “関ジャニの男前を目指せ! (Kanjani no Otokomae wo Mezase!)” on ABC radio and a lot of Kansai Jr. make guest appearances too.  So that’s on every Friday from around 11:15pm to around 11:25pm.  It’s a good show to see the real side of the Kansai Jr members, oh, I mean hear them.  It’s full of cutting edge talks so please listen in on the show!

Nakama: We’ve also got a show on Radio Kansai called “関西ジャニーズJr.もぎたて関ジュース (Kansai Johnny’s Jr. Mogitate Kan juice)”, and that’s on every Sunday from 10:30pm to 10:45pm.  It’s only 15 minutes, but it’s us.  I think that show also gives people a chance to hear Kansai Jr. as they really are

Hamada: That’s what we guarantee

Nakama: That’s with B.A.D and BOYS and Veteran?  We take turns in hosting the show so please check that out too!

Nakata: You know, we’ve been given so many jobs, but I think we really need to take it up a notch eh!

Takemoto: I want a regular show!

Nakata: No, Takemoto-kun makes weird noises without warning so I don’t think that would be a good idea

Takemoto: But there’s nothing I can do about my voice, this is my charm point

All: Charm point!?

Takemoto: Because, none of you can make a voice like mine can you

Nakata: Kotaki, did you get a tan?

Kotaki: I did

Nakama: Don’t change the subject!

Kotaki: I have gotten quite dark!

Nakata: Are you going to be alright over the winter?

Kotaki: Um…somehow.  I’ll get through!

Nakata: Shingaki, did you get a haircut??

Shingaki: I did get my hair cut!  It’s gotten shorter

Nakata: It looks good.  So, we’ve been able to do a lot of jobs, and today, it’s kind of like a selection of us are here

Hamada: We are the selected members.  There are members who aren’t here, and we’re sorry they’re not here!

All: We’re sorry!

Nakama: We’re having fun by ourselves, sorry

Nakata: Well, we’re doing our best at work so you guys can do your best at work too!

Hamada: Let’s do our best together!

Nakama: All of us can do our best!

Nakata: So, everyone

All: Merry Christmas☆  Bye byee!!


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NOTE: This was my first time translating a Kansai Johnny’s Jr. clip so I’m not 100% sure I’ve got the right names to the right faces!  Please let me know if I have someone’s name wrong (>w<)

Drama Ratings December #1

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流れ星 (Nagareboshi) average ratings (%) 

starring Goro Inagaki (SMAP)

Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10
13.6 14.2 13.7 15.0 12.6 13.9 13.6


フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau) average ratings (%) 

starring Kazunari Ninomiya (Arashi) and Ryuhei Maruyama (Kanjani8)

Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10
17.6 16.8 17.7 17.4 16.7 15.4 14.7


Source: Video Research


Red numbers = best average rating to date


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Merry Christmas messages: Masahiko Kondo

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Summary of Johnny’s Christmas Message 2010

Masahiko Kondo

This is Masahiko Kondo.

“あの街この街マッチとデート思い出ツアー第2弾 (Ano Machi Kono Machi Matchy to Date Omoide Tour Part 2)” will have concerts at the (Japan) Budokan on December 10th and 11th.

I’ve been going around (cities) for a long time and now it’s going to end with a bang at the Budokan!  If you have some time to spare it would be great if you could come and have fun at my concert!

I think you can have a really good time at the concert, and get excited.  I think it’ll make you say, “I’m so glad I came!”, and you can go home a little more happier so please come by!!

That and I have something called “マッチとおやつ☆☆☆・・・ (Matchy to Oyatsu☆☆☆…)”, it’s a dinner show you can come to with your children.  It’ll be held around Christmas in Osaka and Tokyo.  So if you want to have a good time at Christmas, instead of spending Christmas at home, it would be great if you could spend it at Matchy to Oyatsu☆☆☆…

And, of course, there is also a dinner show for adults at Christmas!  So there aren’t children here, but I’ll be singing all of my songs up to now, mature songs, and christmas songs so it’s a Christmas party for adults that will be held at Osaka and Tokyo!  Please drop by!

It’s still a little early but thank you very much for a great year, and come by my dinner show and concert too!


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