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Another Yamapi event raises questions

11:25 JST June 15, 2012 1 comment

Tomohisa Yamashita fans are worried about the seemingly desperate measures his team are taking to get good sale numbers, reports Cyzowoman.

Yamapi’s next single “LOVE CHASE“, which is currently the theme song to anime “トリコ (Toriko)”, is due to be released on July 4.  Five variations of the single will go on sale at different stores:

  • Limited Edition A (CD + DVD)
  • Limited Edition B (CD + 24 page photo booklet)
  • Regular Edition (CD)
  • Lawson Limited Edition (CD + DVD + Lawson version B2 size poster), only available at Lawson convenience stores
  • Tomohisa Yamashita SHOP Limited Edition (CD + DVD + Tomohisa Yamashita shop version B2 poster), only available at the Tomohisa Yamashita SHOP

Then there is also the Yamapi meet and greet event.  Only fans who have bought three editions of the five can enter in a lottery for one of the 17 events which will be held in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and Sendai.  Estimating each event would be packed, it would total up to 29,800 fans, and therefore 89,400 records.

“Other Johnny’s talents have held events for fans who have bought CDs and thank you events, but not many have gone around the entire country doing so many,” said one Johnny’s news reporter.

Fan reactions have also been mixed.

“The fans around me have been saying, ‘they say it’s a lottery but wouldn’t everyone in regional areas get in anyway?’, ‘it’s quite cheap when you think that buying three CDs, or 3700 yen, will get you into an event’, ‘another meet and greet.  And this time he’s going all around the place…’, or ‘maybe going solo wasn’t a good idea?’,” said one fan.

Of course fans would still be more than happy to get the chance to meet Yamashita, but it cannot be the ideal way he would have wanted to get the No.1 spot.

Yamapi’s DVD sales soaring

10:13 JST April 27, 2012 4 comments

Tomohisa Yamashita’s road trip through America is doing great on the charts, and it has even prompted a new event involving Yamapi himself, reports Sports Hochi.

It has been reported DVD charts these days indicate sales of more than 10,000 copies is a big hit.  Yamashita’s “山下智久・ルート66〜たった一人のアメリカ〜 (Tomohisa Yamashita Route 66 ~Tatta Hitori no America~)” DVD has sold more than 21,000 copies since it was released on April 11.

The documentary was broadcast by Nihon TV between January and March this year, and follows Yamashita as he went driving down Route 66.

“I found a lot of things on this journey.  I met a lot of people and I learnt a lot of things.  My perspective of life changed significantly,” Yamashita said.

It has been reported the positive sales have prompted a new event for fans.  On May 19, 380 fans chosen through a lottery will get to go to a special screening of the documentary where Yamashita himself will take part and share some behind-the-scenes stories.  Fans will even get a chance to meet Yamashita because he will be stamping a special Route 66 event notebook for them in person.

“I’m so happy that I get a chance like this to hold an event long after I finished the journey.  I hope I can use the event as an opportunity to make people really understand what it was like,” he said.

You can go to the documentary’s website to enter the lottery.  Entries close on May 13 23:59 Japan time, and winners will have an invitation sent to them through the mail around May 14.  Only those who get invited will get details into where the event will be held.

Yamapi to release first anime theme song

10:30 JST April 13, 2012 3 comments

Toriko anime (picture thanks to Oricon)

Johnny’s artist Tomohisa Yamashita’s upcoming single will be used as a theme song to popular manga-turned-anime トリコ (Toriko), it was announced on April 12, reports Sankei Sports and Oricon.


It has been reported the song is called “LOVE CHASE”, and although a released date has not been decided, it will start playing at the end of the anime show from April 15.  Yamashita has said he was excited about his first anime song as a solo artist.

“I can’t wait to see how ‘LOVE CHASE’ goes with the ‘Toriko’ anime,” he said.


Toriko follows the adventures of Toriko, a gourmet food hunter, who is always on the search for the perfect meal.  The Toriko anime series began in 2011, but the manga has been a regular series in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2008.


It has been reported Yamashita himself has said the song’s style is expressed in the title.

“Like the title says, it’s a very uptempo song and I think it goes very well with Toriko’s stories of trying to find impossible foods,” he said.


Song producer and pop-rock band MONKEY MAJIK said the song also goes well with Yamashita’s image.

“It’s the perfect song for Yamashita-san, it’s cool and upbeat so I hope you all like it!”


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