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Sho Sakurai’s new film role as a doctor

Helping terminal cancer patients, learning to become a better doctor, and being a dedicated husband are some things Arashi’s Sho Sakurai (28) will be doing in his next feature film role in “神様のカルテ(Kamisama no Karute)”, to be released in 2011, reports Sanspo.com.

The story follows Ichito Kurihara, a physician working in a regional medical centre in Matsumoto, Nagano prefecture.  He encounters different patients with different problems, all while being supported by his wife, played by Japanese actress Aoi Miyazaki (24).

In his first doctor role, Sakurai had been reported as saying he wants to show people the reality of life.

“I want to tackle the “reality” inside regional hospitals and use the way Ichito worries over treatment options as a tool to show the harshness of living now,” he says.

“He may not be a superman doctor, but I want to act a doctor who people would want to be treated by.”

Another highlight of the film will be the husband and wife love story between Ichito and his wife, Haru.

It will be the first time Sakurai and Miyazaki have worked together, and Sakurai had been reported as saying, “Miyazaki-san has a very warm aura about her, and I hope we can bring that quality into a warm, loving family show”.

Miyazaki had also been reported as saying she was looking forward to the beginning of filming in September, and “I hope to be able to portray the strong and gentle qualities of Haru-san”.

Aoi Miyazaki (left) and Sho Sakurai (right) will work together for the first time in 「神様のカルテ」

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