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SMAP make drama without knowing it

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Candid cameras secretly filmed SMAP members to make their special drama, “毒トマト殺人事件(Doku-tomato satsujin jiken – The Poisoned Tomato Murder Case)”, to be aired on July 10 on TV Asahi.  It is Japan’s first ‘Candid camera drama’, reports Sports Hochi.

The members were out on location shoots for a different variety show, “SMAPがんばりますっ!! CHAN TO SHINAI TO NE! スペシャル(SMAP Gabarimasu!!  CHAN TO SHINAI TO NE! Special)”, in January, and had no idea hidden cameras were recording their every move and being edited to create a 2-hour drama.

The variety show had given each member different challenges to complete, such as Masahiro Nakai playing tag on a deserted island, or Takuya Kimura surviving on just tomatoes for three days.

At the end of the show, actor Sei Hiraizumi, who plays an investigator in the new drama, revealed to SMAP they had actually been filming a drama.

The new drama centres around the murder of TV Asahi reporter Yoko Ohshita, and the five SMAP members who become suspects in the killing.  An underground boss played by Nakai, a vampire played by Kimura, a mysterious Jomon man played by Shingo Katori, a man who runs around Tokyo played by Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, and the owner of a karaoke shop played by Goro Inagaki.

After watching the finished drama footage for the first time, Nakai said he felt nervous.

“I’m worried that even now someone’s filming us for something,” he said.

Katori said he was surprised and excited at the same time to be the first to watch the drama.

It is the first drama SMAP have starred in as a group since 2004.

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