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Takuya Kimura has a blog

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Cute emoticons, stories from the drama, and SMAP news are some things Kimura Takuya writes about on his own public blog, one of the features on the official website for his new drama “月の恋人〜Moon Lovers〜”, reports RBB Today.


The blog is written by Kimura’s drama character Rensuke Hazuki and is gaining popularity as fans get to see a new side of Kimura, leading to more than 1000 comments on some blog posts.

One fan said she found it exciting because she could feel closer to the singer.

In response to the popularity, Kimura posted it had become a fun daily routine.

“Shoot!  It’s become a habit to click on this website!  What do I do!  What have you done to me, Moon Lovers!”

The blog is updated almost daily.

Have a look, even if you can’t understand Japanese because the excessive use of emoticons are so cute!  But here are are few translations of the latest few:

雨の中…⑥話…(In the rain…Episode 6)

Jun 14, 2010
止まらない雨が~ (The rain’s not stopping~)

梅雨が降らせた雨が~ (The rainy season’s rain~)

⑥話の~夜を~ (On the night of episode 6~)

離さなぁ~い(Not letting go)

と、替え歌を唄ってる場合じゃあぁ~りませんよ(But, this is no time to be singing a parody song!)

今日は朝から、ドラマとは言え、キツイ状態になりスタジオが『しーん………』としおりましたぁ~(Even though there’s the drama, the stressful situation in the studio this morning was silent!)

とにかく、さっぱりとした石井監督の表情から………(anyway, looking at director Ishii’s refreshed face…..)
俺も今夜は楽しみにしたいと思います(I’m looking forward to tonight!)



Jun 12, 2010

おいおいおい(Hey, hey, hey!)

南アフリカ(South Africa)
時差あり過ぎだぜ(What’s with the huge time difference!)
こんな時間にサッカーされたら……寝不足間違い無しだぜぇ~(If you keep playing soccer at this time….I’m going to be sleep deprived for sure!)

うぅ~ん、自分と相談しながら……観戦します(Ahhhhhh, discussing the issue with myself…….and watching the game)

ワールドカップ(World Cup)
どうかしてるぜぇっ(What’s up with this!)

日本代表も……健闘を祈る(Team Japan….I hope you fight a good fight)



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  1. DA
    17:51 JST June 14, 2010 at 5:51 PM


    I just discovered your blog and I want to say I appreciate you translating the latest Johnny’s news. I also like that you’re willing to translate some of the more obscure stories (such as this one) because they can be interesting but are not always reported in English. So thank you very much. 🙂

    I check Kimura’s blog every day and love the fact that he uses emoticons all over the place. It’s funny to see him enjoy blogging so much, just as Shingo did when he had his blog. I hope he’ll keep doing it for each of his future projects! ^^

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