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TOKIO’s Nagase set to get his heart broken

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A masseuse, a gas station worker, a housewife, and even a male theatre actor will be some of the people who will dump TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase (31) in his new drama, “うぬぼれ刑事(Ununbore Keiji)”, scheduled to start on July 9, reports Sports Nippon.

The drama will follow a police investigator known as Unubore, played by Nagase, who falls in love with the criminal in each case he takes on, only to get his heart broken in the end.  Each episode features a different criminal, played by guest actors, who get hand-cuffed by a tearful Unubore.

Out of the planned 11 episodes, eight guest actors have been confirmed:

Yu Aoi (24) – plays a masseuse

Ai Kato (27) – plays an office worker at a video-game company

Kyoko Koizumi (44) – role to be confirmed

Erika Toda (21) – plays a gas station worker

Shichinosuke Nakamura (27) – plays a theatre actor

Hiroko Yakushimaru (46) – plays a housewife who goes to baking classes

Yoshiko Mita (68) – role to be confirmed

Kanako Higuchi (51) – plays a politician

Nagase said he was excited about working with the long list of actors and actresses.

“I was surprised at the level of the guest actor list.  I feel humbled and hope to do my best at getting dumped.

“The fact that there is one male actor amongst the large number of actresses is…curious (laughs),” he said.

Yu Aoi

Ai Kato

Kyoko Koizumi

Erika Toda

Shichinosuke Nakamura

Hiroko Yakushimaru

Hiroko Yakushimaru

Yoshiko Mita

Kanako Higuchi

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