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Ryo Nishikido and co-stars talk about his private life

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NEWS and Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido appeared at a preview event for his new movie, “ちょんまげプリン(Chonmage Pudding)”, in Tokyo yesterday, where his co-stars spilled some gossip about the 25-year-old star, reports Eiga.com and Sponichi Annex.

Ryo in his new movie "ちょんまげプリン(Chonmage Pudding)"

The movie follows a Samurai warrior (Nishikido) who travels through time from the Edo period (Japan around the 16th – 19th century), and ends up in today’s Tokyo.  As he stays with single mother Hiroko (Rie Tomosaka), and her son Tomoya (Fuku Suzuki), he discovers he has a talent for making sweets.

When quizzed about his own home economic skills, Nishikido had admitted he was no clean freak.

“I’ll do the cleaning if I get in the mood, but even then things only stay clean for about three days.

“I leave my underwear lying everywhere in my room.”

Nishikido’s co-star, Rie Tomosaka had joked the popstar seemed shy during filming.

“We’d say, ‘hello’, and, ‘good job today’, to each other every day, but otherwise I don’t remember having any conversations with him.

“It was like we were some old retired couple.”

Co-stars (from left) Fuku Suzuki, Rie Tomosaka, and director Yoshihiro Nakamura at yesterday's preview event

When asked whether he had been caught up in World Cup fever, Nishikido said he had watched the Japan vs Cameroon game on TV.

Playing a samurai in this film, he said he wanted to send a message of support to team Samurai Japan.

“The game got my adrenaline running overtime.  I’m going to do my best with ちょんまげ(Chonmage) so I wish team Japan all the best too,” he said.

“ちょんまげプリン(Chonmage Pudding)” comes out in Japan theatres on July 31.

"ちょんまげプリン(Chonmage Pudding)" movie poster

Grrr, having trouble finding a picture of Nishikido at yesterday’s event.

Hooray, my first Kanjani8 tag!

I remember I was once in an elevator with Nishikido in an Osaka department store, but this was years ago.  I didn’t talk to him because the elevator was cramped with middle-aged ladies and I my only knowledge of him was, “hey, you’re one of those Johnny’s guys”.

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