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Tsubasa Imai sends a message to his friend competing in the World Cup

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Tackay & Tsubasa’s Tsubasa Imai (28) wore a team Japan T-shirt to show his support for the team at the World Cup and his good friend on the squad, Daisuke Matsui (29), at his stage show’s event yesterday in Tokyo, reports Daily Sports Online.

Tsubasa said he had been wearing the T-shirt during his rehearsals for “PLAYZONE 2010 ROAD TO PLAYZONE”, which begins shows in Tokyo on July 9, and in Osaka from August 14.  The words “JAPAN VS NETHERLAND JUN 19 6 DURBAN” had been written onto the shirt.

“I’ve been wearing this at rehearsals, and have been praying for Japan to get the winning point and victory tomorrow,” he said.

Tsubasa said he had met the soccer player six years ago, and the two became good friends since.

After Matsui had been announced as a member in the Japan squad, Tsubasa said he met up with Matsui in May and had given him a suitcase as a present before his friend went on the team’s last training camp before the World Cup.

Matsui had also been reported as listening to Tsubasa’s song, “BACKBORN”, to get him motivated before games.

About the game playing now, Tsubasa said he would make sure he is in front of the TV and supporting Matsui and the team.

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