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Former Ya-Ya-yah member Shoon Yamashita has started a blog

14:17 JST June 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Shoon and Reon's Official Blog "Flying Sheep's Cafe"

Former-Ya-Ya-yah member Shoon Yamashita has started a blog with his brother Reon, which posted its first blog post on June 17.

“Shoon and Reon Yamashita’s official blog: Flying Sheep’s cafe”


Even if you can’t read Japanese, there are lots of photos and it’s so cute!  But if there’s anything you do want to read, let me know.

As of June 22 2pm (Tokyo time) there have been 2891 comments to their first post.

In response to this, Shoon and Reon made another post to thank everyone for their messages and said they felt like the luckiest people.


びっくりする位多くのコメントをいただき本当にありがとうございますm(_ _ )mアップ

(The huge number of comments have blown us away, thank you so much m(_ _)m)


(We feel an incredible amount of gratitude knowing there are so many of you who have been waiting for us to come back and still support us.  We read each and every comment and treasure all of them.

All of your warmth and kindness has touched us)


As for Shoon and Reon, both of who had been part of Johnny’s for years, there have been reports that the blog officially shows they have left the agency.

I had often wondered what happened to Shoon and Taiyo Ayukawa after Kota Yabu and Hikaru Yaotome had left Ya-Ya-yah to form Hey! Say! JUMP.

It’s nice to see Shoon looks like he’s starting his new life positively.

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