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New character in 怪物くん(Kaibutsu-kun) drama special: Kaibutsukun’s fiancee!

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Arashi’s Satoshi Ohno (29) gets kissed by his on-screen fiancee, and TOKIO’s Masahiro Matsuoka (33) directs one of three short dramas in the upcoming 怪物くん(Kaibutsu-kun) special, due to be screened on air on June 26, reports Sports Hochi.

“もう帰ってきたよ!! 怪物くんの全て新作スペシャル(Mou Kaettekitayo!!  Kaibutsu-kun no Subete Shinsaku Special – We’re back already!!  New Kaibutsu-kun revealed special)” will include three episodes:

– “怪子編(Kaiko episode)”

– “探偵編(Detective episode)”

– “オオカミ男の嘘編(Wolfman’s Lie episode)”.

In “怪子編(Kaiko episode)”, Japanese talent Becky (26) plays 怪子(Kaiko), fiancee to 怪物くん(Kaibutsukun) and got to kiss Ohno on the cheek.

Becky plays Ohno's on-screen fiancee

怪子(Kaiko) figure based on the original manga series character

Becky assured Arashi fans the kiss had not been personal.

“I gave him a peck on the cheek, I’m sorry!  It was in the script and I didn’t do it deliberately, so please forgive me.”

Matsuoka has been reported to have directed the “オオカミ男の嘘編(Wolfman’s Lie episode)”.  Having had experience putting together 14 of TOKIO’s music videos and late night short dramas, Matsuoka said he had felt privileged to be able to direct.

He also said he had enjoyed working with Ohno.

“Satoshi Ohno has an amazing ability to morph into whatever character you ask him to be, he is amazingly sharp-minded, and it was great to have worked with him.”

Ohno had been reported to have said that Matsuoka was a director who understands an actor’s needs.

“松兄(Matsu-ni – Big brother Matsuoka) knows how actors feel, he knows what everyone’s limits are so it was really easy to work with him.”

The “怪物くん(Kaibutsu-kun)” special will also include interviews with actors, quizzes, and a 怪物くん(Kaibutsukun) exercise performance.

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