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KAT-TUN member admits he was bullied as a kid

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KAT-TUN’s Koki Tanaka had been a victim of bullying throughout most of his childhood, confessed the popstar on radio last week.

Speaking on the group’s radio show “KAT-TUNスタイル(KAT-TUN Style)” with group member Junosuke Taguchi, the two had been answering a question sent in by a girl who had been bullied during her first two years of junior high school, and as a result, stopped going to school all together.  She wanted to go to school again and had asked KAT-TUN for some words of encouragement.

Koki made the first answer, and talked about his own experience.

“I was bullied until the fifth grade.  My shoes would get stolen, and there would be pins sticking out of my chair.  Whenever someone engraved ‘stupid’ on the desks, everyone in the class would tell the teacher I had done it and would point their fingers at me.”

When asked about how he overcame his problem, Koki said he had fought back.

“I believe there will always be someone who will help you, and as long as you don’t give up, you’ll find a way.  That’s how it was for me.”

Group member Taguchi could not hide his surprise at the answer, and had asked Koki if he really was telling the truth.

I’d always been slightly afraid of the way Koki looks, but after hearing this from the group’s radio show it showed me a side of him I think more fans should hear about and appreciate.

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