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Limited edition SMAP drink going on sale

To promote SMAP’s upcoming album “We are SMAP!”, 10 million bottles of  a new SMAP drink will go on sale from July 6 in Japan, reports Oricon Style.

The SMAP drink is a low-calorie sports drink, and will have a photo of the group’s new album plastered on the 500mL bottle.

The number of bottles being made is 2.6 million more than the last SMAP drink, “Drink! Smap!”, which went on sale during the group’s summer concert tour in 2002.  This is hoped to meet the demands of fans who bought up all of the previous drinks before the concert tour had finished.

SMAP leader Masahiro Nakai had said the drink would help the group and fans stay hydrated during this summer’s concerts.

“For sports!  For leisure!  For studying!  Use this sports drink to overcome this year’s hot summer,” he said.

“We are SMAP!” drinks will be distributed by Asahi, who have said it was the first time they had collaborated with a music artist but they were confident sales would be strong.

The drink will go on sale in more than 40,000 convenience stores across Japan, alongside SMAP’s new album in major music stores, and at concert venues during the group’s nationwide Dome Tour starting on July 31.

The drink will cost 140 yen (tax included).

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