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First TV commercial for Kis-My-Ft2

Yet-to-be-released songs from Johnny’s Jr group Kis-My-Ft2 will go on sale at music ringtone website dwango.jp from July 5 and the group will make their first TV commercial, it had been announced yesterday, reports Oricon.

“FIRE BEAT” and “祈り(Inori)” had been songs only previously heard at the group’s concerts, but now fans would be able to enjoy watching TV commercials to both songs from July 5.

For the first commercial, “forbidden” had become the theme for the upbeat song “FIREBEAT”.  The commercial shows group members dancing as fire flames shoot out around them.

The second commercial for the ballad “祈り(Inori)” had been given a calmer theme, and shows members singing on a building roof, under the blue sky, and dressed in white.

The group’s first commercial had the members excited from start to finish.  As they checked footage during the day, they had been reported as making remarks such as, “Wow!”, and, “it doesn’t look like us.”

Kis-My-Ft2 is a seven-member group made up of Hiromitsu Kitayama (24), Kento Senga (19), Toshiya Miyata (21), Wataru Yokoo (24), Taisuke Fujigaya (23), Yuta Tamamori (20), and Takashi Nikaido (19).  The group’s name is made up from the beginning letters from each member’s surames (except Kitayama, whose ‘Ki’ have been used, and Nikaido, whose Japanese kanji for ‘Ni’ means ‘Two’, or ‘2’).

Although the group has yet to release any music records, their concert tour in spring 2010 had attracted more than 130,000 fans in six cities and 12 concerts.

The group is the second generation of Kis-My-Ft, which for a while included NEWS and Tegomass member Takahisa Masuda in 2004.

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