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Massu radio show translation

Happy Birthday to Takahisa Masuda and Jin Akanishi!!!

It’s July 4, which means Massu is 24 and Jin is 26 today!!!  Congratulations~~~

There was not much news about either of them, so I thought it would be cool to translate some bits from Massu’s radio show.  Enjoy!

July 2 report

Master Hits with Takahisa Masuda (NEWS)

Massu (M): Takahisa Masuda’s Master Hits

I’ll be talking till 11:30pm so I hope you have good time

This week’s NEWS

In another two days Takahisa Masuda will turn 24

This year my birthday’s on Sunday…oh!  Is this a present? (from radio station staff)

Thank you

It has “shumai” written on it…

Is it alright open it now?

Thank you, yay…

I got a cake now too…thank you

I wonder…there’s a “Happy Birthday” message on it, but there’s a lot of space left…why couldn’t you have written “Masuda” here?

But anyway, I’m happy…

Shumai…they look special.

Can I eat them?  And the strawberry…yes…this is good.

Thank you

12 shumai…I’ve just eaten two…and I hope to eat them little by little…until they’re all gone by the end of this show…

Okay, now I feel like calling someone to get some more congratulations, maybe (Keiichiro) Koyama.


Koyama (K) answers phone: Yes?

M: Hello, Koyama?

K: Hello, who is this?

M: Masuda, Masuda

K: Ohhh, far, you gave me a fright

M: Lol, sorry, sorry.  I’m using the studio’s phone to speak to you

K: What, freaky

M: So, today is July 2

K: Yeah

M: Do you know what’s happening in two days?

K: Shouldn’t you be telling me what’s happening?

M: Do you know?

K: Huh

M: Today’s the eve eve of that day

K: Oh, oh, it’s Akanishi’s birthday right?

M: Ohh, yup yup, it’s the same birthday, but it’s someone else who is closer to you

K: What?  What?  Do I say it now or something?
M: Anyway, it’s my birthday special so

K: Actually, isn’t it amazing I answered the phone at this time of the day?

M: It is, and I called from the studio…from a number you didn’t know.  What were you doing?

K: What, me?

M: What were you doing?

K: I was at home reading the newspaper

K: I’ve never been to your studio

M: That’s true, you’ve always been talking via a phone

K: Invite me some time

M: Shige and Tegoshi have come before, can you come over now?

K: You sound like Johnny-san…stop it

M: Can you make it out to Chiba?  He (Johnny-san) once asked me to come out to Hakone when I was in Johnny’s Jr.

K: Lol, and did you go?
M: Yes, I went


(answering a listener’s question)

Q: What part-time job did you wish you could have done as a student?

M: If I were a girl I would’ve wanted to work at a bakery…

I wanted to try a part-time job…

Checkout counter?  I wanted to try that…

Like, at a fast food restaurant…

‘Hello, so that’ll be one M-sized orange juice and,’…say all of it, but I can’t remember it all so I’d write it down on paper…can I do that?

And then I’d go to the back and make the food…can I do that?

Then the customer would go away thinking that they just got served by a really useless guy, but then they’d eat the food and it would be so amazing they’d think about coming again…


M: So, tonight’s show was a birthday special…Koyama wished me happy birthday, and the staff here gave me a cake and some shumai…

Thank you.  There are currently, two to go.  They’re so delicious.  And I’ve ended up eating all of them myself.

But I think I’ll share the cake with everyone…

So, my birthday’s on Sunday…and I’ll do my best to make my 24th year a wonderful one…

Please tune in again next week.  This was Takahisa Masuda from NEWS.  Byebye.

  1. 21:27 JST November 18, 2010 at 9:27 PM

    Massu is so kawaii!! He’s my second favourite member of NEWS, the first being Yamapi. Actually they are tied, I can’t tell who I like more these days. 🙂

    • 00:19 JST November 19, 2010 at 12:19 AM


      Massu is my fave Johnny’s talent XD It says so on my fan club profile too, lol.

      A lot of my friends are huge Yamapi fans and I hope I can go see his concert next year with them d(^-^)

  2. Ayesha
    07:50 JST August 16, 2011 at 7:50 AM

    This is a late comment.. XD
    I stumbled upon ur page while searching for Massu’s radio show translation.. This translation is funny. I love the part when he said ~ “Then the customer would go away thinking that they just got served by a really useless guy, but then they’d eat the food and it would be so amazing they’d think about coming again…” hahaha Massu u’r so adorable.. XDDDD

    • 13:45 JST August 16, 2011 at 1:45 PM


      Thanks for commenting!
      I love Massu’s comments, right XD

      Momo xoxo

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