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Arashi’s Nino says sorry for kissing a guy

Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya (27), actress Ko Shibasaki (28), and the cast of “大奥(Ohoku)” talked about work on their new film at a press conference in Tokyo today, reports cinemacafe.net.

Poster for "大奥(Ohoku)" movie

The movie’s story follows an alternate history of medieval Japan, where a mysterious disease only affecting men almost whipes out the entire male population.  Eighty years on, women have overtaken major political roles, including the Shogun, the most powerful woman who is allowed to have a harem of men, called “ohoku”.

Cast members of "大奥(Ohoku)" at today's press conference

Nino plays a new recruit to the harem, which is controlled by Shogun Yoshimune, played by Shibasaki.

In one scene, Nino had to kiss his male co-star Aoi Nakamura (19), and had admitted he could not help but keep apologising to the actor.

“It was extremely soft and warm.

“I’m usually the one who gets kissed, so to be the one who does it, it took four or five tries.

“I was so sorry every time…because logically this 27-year-old old man is making moves on a teenager,” he said.

However, Nino’s co-star Nakamura had had previous experience with such scenes.

“It went well.  To be honest, this was the second time I’ve kissed a guy so I kind of knew what to expect.

“But it’s not every day that you get to do it with someone like him (Nino),” he said.

On another note, when Nino was asked what he would do if there was a gender reversal and he became a woman, the singer said he would want to experience pregnancy.

“I’d like to go into labour.  I’ve heard having a baby makes you stronger,” he said.

“大奥(Ohoku)” is based on the manga series by Fumi Yoshinaga, and open in Japanese cinemas on October 1.

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