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Koichi Domoto’s SHOCK documentary to air on NHK

Cameras have begun to follow KinKi Kids’ Koichi Domoto (31) for two months while he works on his musical “Endless SHOCK” to make a documentary celebrating the show’s 10th anniversary, it had been revealed yesterday reports Chunichi Sports.

Koichi Domoto in Endless SHOCK

Yesterday’s performance was the 100th show this year in Tokyo, and at the end it had been announced that NHK would air a 50-minute documentary called “堂本光一とSHOCKの10年(Koichi Domoto and 10 years of SHOCK)” on August 18.

Cameras have been following Koichi from the start of rehearsals in June, and will continue to do so until this season’s final show on July 31.

All 37 shows in July will be captured on tape, and Koichi had said he was nervous about having cameras filming everything going on backstage.

“I’m not very good at showing people what goes on behind the scenes, but it is the 10th anniversary and I was flattered that they (NHK) had approached us,” he said.

The July season has seen Johnny’s Jr’s Hiroki Uchi (23) step in as Koichi’s rival character role, giving the show a dynamic change from its February/March season.

Fellow SHOCK actor Katsuhide Uekusa said he was impressed at how Uchi had absorbed all of the sword-fighting techniques and percussion playing when it was his first time.

“Endless SHOCK” is the sixth version of the “SHOCK” musical, which had its first performance in November 2000.  Since then, the show has had more than 700 performances, all of which have been sold out, making it one of the hardest shows to get tickets for in Japan.


Did I just post my first KinKi Kids news?  YAY!

What a way to start the week v(^_^v)

  1. Kristy
    02:46 JST August 19, 2010 at 2:46 AM

    YAY! Good for Koichi !! ❤ Endless SHOCK was GREAT! Totally looking forward to watching it live again soon!

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