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KAT-TUN have one-on-one time with fans

Fans got to have one-on-one time with KAT-TUN members, shake their hands, and ask their own questions during the group’s meet-and-greet sessions across five cities in Japan on July 3 and 4, reports cyzowoman and KAT-TUN fan blogs.

The “KAT-TUN SUMMER PREMIUM” event was held simultaneously in Tokyo, Osaka, Sendai, Sapporo, and Kumamoto, with one member going to each location.  It had been the first fan event the group had ever done.

Details about the event had been kept secret until the actual day when Koki Tanaka appeared at the Tokyo event, Kazuya Kamenashi in Osaka, Tatsuya Ueda in Sendai, Junnosuke Taguchi in Sapporo, and Yuichi Nakamaru in Kumamoto.

The first half of the event included a fan Q&A session, where TV monitors streamed live footage of all members at each venue so that questions could be answered as a group.

Unlike normal press conferences, fans were given the chance to ask their own unique questions such as, “what do you think of your own nipples?”

Kamenashi: I like mine

Ueda: Mine are dark

Tanaka: Mine are normal

Taguchi: Mine are cute like a panda

The second half of the event gave fans the chance to shake hands with the KAT-TUN member at their venue.

Tokyo fans were given a surprise when they were told they would be given around 10 seconds each to talk to Koki.

One fan had said she had found it thoughtful that Koki wanted to look fans right in the eye and talk to them.

“We thought we’d only have enough time to say, ‘you’re the best’, but then they (organisers) had told us to prepare something to say.  We also got told that usually these things are over in a second, but he (Koki) had insisted that the time be extended.

“I’d known that Koki had treasured his fans a lot, but this was really touching.  So many fans were crying because of it,” she said.

Members in other venues had also been reported as being in smiles as they greeted fans.

Fans could only take part in the event after winning a lottery draw to which they could only enter by purchasing both KAT-TUN’s single “Going!” and their album “NO MORE PAIN”.

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