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AKB48’s “Tegoshi” tweet sends fans into frenzy

When a member of Japan’s top girl band tweeted “Tegoshi” on Twitter, it set off a bomb in cyberspace.

Just after 1pm on July 8, AKB48’s Haruna Kojima (22) had tweeted a short message only saying “手越 (Tegoshi)”.

Haruna Kojima's twitter feed

Assuming it could only mean NEWS’ Yuya Tegoshi (22), the tweet triggered a flood of fan comments.  Although the tweet was deleted within minutes, the comments still remain:

“なにこのつぶやき(What is this tweet)”

“これ、何だったんだろ?RT@kojiharunyan 手越 (What was this?)”

“誰かのいたずら?(Is it a prank?)”

“え、ちょ、こじはるしゃんww RT: @kojiharunyan: 手越 (Huh, what, Haruna lol)”

“この発言はるにゃんにとってやばいんじゃ… RT @kojiharunyan: 手越 (Won’t this have a bad effect on Haruna…)”

“手越と付き合っていたのかぁ(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`)(´・ω・`) (Is she dating Tegoshi)”

While some fans have said it confirms last year’s rumours that the two had been seeing one another, other fans have said the tweet could simply be a typing mistake.

Some fan blogs have reported Haruna had simply tried to tweet “戸越銀座なう(Now at Togoshi Ginza)”, but had mis-typed “戸越 (Togoshi)” for “手越 (Tegoshi)”.

Other explanations being reported across the net have been that Haruna had mixed up her email with her Twitter account.  Because Japanese mobile phones come with a feature to upload tweets via emails, Haruna could have been emailing someone but accidentally sent it to her twitter feed.

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