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Johnny’s senior backs Akanishi

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Johnny’s senior star Masahiko Kondo (46) sent a message out to KAT-TUN and Jin Akanishi (26), who has currently parted from the group, reports Sports Hochi.

Speaking at his concert in Kagoshima on his 46th birthday yesterday, Kondo called on Akanishi to figure out what he wants to do.

“Give it all you’ve got!”

As another Johnny’s star who has spent a lot of his time bike racing instead of singing, Kondo said he could relate to Akanishi.

“I’ve spent more time than I should have doing things I love.

“As long as you follow the rules, the agency will back you up,” he said.

He also added that cracking the US market would not be easy, but praised Akanishi’s courage.

“Many (Johnny’s) seniors have been there and come back with nothing, and he should know more than anyone else that it won’t be easy,” he said.

Kondo said he hoped to see the remaining five members of KAT-TUN succeed in the future.  He reminded the group that they were not the first to have a group member leave.  Katsuyuki Mori (36) had left SMAP in 1996 after being in the group for eight years to pursue a career in racing, but SMAP continued to be a success.

“It’s not that he’s (Akanishi) selfishly breaking the rules.  There will be more obstacles he has to overcome to get to what he wants.

“Mori was able to succeed in the racing world, and SMAP still remained active.

“I hope they (KAT-TUN) can work together and become even more powerful than before,” he said.

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