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Hey! Say! JUMP acrobatics surprise professionals

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Flying trapeze spectacles, tightrope walking, flying over audiences, and 3o tonnes of water showers are wowing people at this year’s SUMMARY 2010 in Tokyo, reports Sports Hochi, Sanspo.com, and Sponichi Annex.

Hey! Say! JUMP and Johnny’s Jr. members started their agency’s summer stage event for the  first time in two years with a circus theme this time.  Called “Johnny’s Circus Boys”, group members have been performing real circus acts.

Yuri Chinen (16) showed he was just as athletically-talented as his Olympic bronze medal winning gymnast father, Takashi Chinen (43), by successfully performing flying trapeze acts.

Chinen said he had begun his circus training two months ago, under the guidance of a professional coach from Mexico.

“I learnt how to do it in 10 days.  The professional circus performers said they had never seen anyone learn the routine so fast,” he said.

He also added that he rehearses and performs without the help of a lifeline now.

Group member Ryosuke Yamada (17), who performs tightrope walking in the show, said he was happy he didn’t get chosen to do flying trapezes because there was so much pressure involved.

Group leader Kota Yabu (20) said he watches Chinen and prays that nothing goes wrong.

Yabu also said he gets drenched from the 30 tonnes of water that shoot out from fountains on stage.

“I’m always completely wet that I have to change my pants 2, 3 times during every show,” he said.

He said the show’s long two-month  preparation made him overcome with emotions on the first day that he had cried.

SUMMARY 2010 will continue until the end of August.

  1. Bri
    09:10 JST July 22, 2010 at 9:10 AM

    :3 thanks soo much for the news —T_T though I wished to be in HSJ’s summary D: … ¬¬ but soon!!!.. well anyways XD I cant believe that Chinen has a profesional trainer when he has his father to support him too XD… well of course his father isnt a circus man XD ..ohh well Chinen is just great *o*… :3

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