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V6’s Sakamoto has trouble with womanizer role

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Masayuki Sakamoto (39) said he was no lady-charmer at a press conference yesterday for his new musical “Pal Joey”, reports Oricon and Nikkan Sports.

The 1940s broadway musical is set in a Chicago nightclub, where playboy club singer Joey Evans (Sakamoto) gets involved with three women at the same time but has big dreams of owning his own nightclub.

"Pal Joey" co-star Atsuko Takahata

"Pal Joey" co-star Mao Ayabuki

"Pal Joey" co-star Ayane Sakurano

Sakamoto has been reported to have said he was nervous about his role.

“I’ve never had a playboy role before.  I’m usually shy around people…

“But I want to be able to show a man’s sex appeal,” he said.

When one reporter had asked the singer whether anyone at his agency could be his womanizer role model, Sakamoto had laughed it off.

“No, there’s no one.  I don’t know who could be.  Besides, if I give a name I’d probably get fired,” he said.

Having just finished one stage show, he had said he wasn’t tired moving onto a new project.

“I love singing, dancing, and acting, so I couldn’t ask for anything better than the opportunity to do all three at once.

“I don’t get nervous with musicals or stage shows, it’s a place where I can relax,” he said.

Despite having problems with his character’s charm, the singer had said there were some qualities of Joey he’d like to incorporate into his own life.

“Joey has ambition, and he has the strength to keep people from setting him off course.  I know how that feels, and I hope that taking in his good qualities will help me mature,” he said.

Pal Joey will play at the Aoyama Gekijo in Tokyo from October 2 -17, and in Theater BRAVA! in Osaka from October 22 -24.

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