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Ryo Nishikido wants a wife who greets him when he comes home

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In “ちょんまげぷりん (Chonmage Pudding)”, samurai Yasubee Kijima (played by Ryo Nishikido) believes it is a man’s duty to do the outside work and women to do housework.  The actor playing Yasubee has a similar view, Movie Walker reported today.

In the movie adaptation of Gen Araki’s novel of the same title, the samurai warrior time travels 180 years into the future to modern day Tokyo, and starts living with single mother Hiroko and her son Tomoya.  The movie includes scenes where Yasubee  growls at Tomoya for crying so much because “a real man doesn’t cry”, and his shock at knowing that women are allowed to have outside jobs.

When asked what his ideal real-life family would be like, Nishikido said he wanted to fill the gap he had experienced as a kid.

“It would be a family where the man works and the woman does the housework.

“Both of my parents worked full-time, so I felt lonely when I came home and mum wasn’t there to say ‘welcome home’.

“That’s why I want to create an environment where my (future) wife could say ‘welcome home’ to me.

“Of course, this isn’t how I think all women and men should be, and after some time I might want things to be the opposite way (laughs),” he said.

In the movie, his samurai character finds his calling as a sweetmaker.  When the popstar was asked what his calling profession was, Nishikido didn’t hesitate.

“Right now it’s acting!

“But if this were a music interview I would probably say ‘singing’ (laughs).

“Acting is a really fun job.  I can’t say for sure what it is that I find so appealing, but it is really fun.  I know that,” he said.

“ちょんまげぷりん (Chonmage Pudding)” will start in Japanese theaters from July 31.

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