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V6 talk about heartbreak in their new single (interview translation)

11:06 JST August 31, 2010 5 comments

Celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, V6 sat down with Oricon Star to talk about their new single “only dreaming/Catch” (to be released September 1) and Yoshihiko Inohara’s (34) upcoming drama “警視庁捜査一課9係 (Keishicho Sousa Ikka 9-gakari)”.

Oricon Star: You’re about to release your first single in a year.  “only dreaming”, which is the theme song to “警視庁捜査一課9係 (Keishicho Sousa Ikka 9-gakari)”, has a sorrowful melody and I was thinking it was mirroring the emotions that arise at the end of a police drama when the criminal finally gets nabbed.

Nagano: Oh I see, that’s another way of thinking about it.


Oricon Star: When did you record the song?

Morita: Record it?  It was a while ago.

Inohara: It was during our tour so around April?

Sakamoto: What, April?   Was the tour that long ago?

Miyake: We started it on April 3 and finished on June 13, remember!


Oricon Star: When a group records a song, it’s normal for everyone to record their part individually and it’s not until the group appears on music shows that they sing the song together.  Does this mean you haven’t sung the song as a group yet?

Inohara: No, we sung it at our last concert.  When we all went for sushi the day before we were saying “tomorrow’s the last day so let’s do something.  Maybe we should sing the new song?”  Our Avex staff member brought along their laptop and we heard who was singing what for the first time.  My falsetto made everyone laugh so much.  They were like “kawaii~”.

(everyone laughs)

Inohara: Then we contacted the (concert) staff and told them we’d be doing this tomorrow…

Nagano: We rehearsed it the next day.  It was our first performance of a song that didn’t have any dance moves yet.

Inohara: The staff were really amazing with the lighting

Sakamoto: There was no information about it at the concert so the crowd looked confused.  When we said “this is our new single” they all screamed.  But it’s a medium-tempo song so even though we wanted to get the crowd going, we sort of couldn’t (laughs).

Nagano: It was like they were thinking “well, we’ve just got to listen to it” (laughs).  It was before the drama had begun too.


Oricon Star: When you first heard this song, what was your first impression?

Morita: It was a break up song, and I thought it had girly lyrics (laughs).  I thought men are so weak.  It made me wonder what girls might make of it.

Sakamoto: To me, the lyrics stood out.  None of our singles up to now had a straightforward break up message.  But I kept thinking “what does breaking up have to do with Inohara’s drama?”

Nagano: The lyrics are sorrowful.  It made me think “ohh, there’s no way to forget about…”

Inohara: You say it like you’ve experienced it Nagano-kun (laughs).

Miyake: (laughs)  He is a popstar.  But if you’re a man who has been in love, I think you would have experienced heartbreak like this at least once.  To the point where the person you broke up with appears in your dreams every night…

Morita: I took it straightforward at first.  I had heard it was a song for Inocchi’s drama, but it was a breakup song.  “Huh, this is so 9pm drama…maybe Inocchi’s going to do a different drama where he goes through a breakup” (laughs).

Miyake: I thought that when we did “GUILTY”.  I was wondering whether (Tsunehiko) Watase-san was having an affair (in the drama).  “Is it going to spin off somewhere when I least expect it?” (laughs).

Inohara: I know what you mean.  When you think of a 9pm drama series, you always picture Watase-san’s face (laughs).


Oricon Star: The drama is an investigator themed story but in the music video it shows each of you expressing the sadness of heartbreak through singing.  When did you film it?

Sakamoto: Sometime in July…

Inohara: It was a really humid day.


Oricon Star: What did you think of the finished product?

Morita: We shot our individual scenes one by one so I had no idea what everyone else had done.  When I saw the finished video I was surprised to see that some of members were crying (laughs).  I couldn’t cry (laughs).


Oricon Star: Were you asked to cry as well, Morita-san?

Sakamoto and Inohara: Eh, were you asked to?

Morita: Yes!

Miyake: I thought everyone was crying in their shot, but then I was like “hey, you’re not crying!”

Morita: It’s not my fault!  I couldn’t get teary!! (laughs)

Inohara: I got asked to “suffer in agony” (laughs).

Miyake: Oh, so that’s why you looked like you were in agony!  I thought they had made you take poison or something (laughs).

Inohara: But that was the shot they wanted.  The director told me I did a good job afterwards.


Oricon Star: So who got asked to cry in their shot?

Morita, Miyake, Okada: (all raise their hands) Me.

Nagano: I got asked to “imagine that the woman I love had died, and be sad enough to be on the brink of crying”.  I got told everyone was being asked the same thing so I just went “oh, okay then”.

Sakamoto: I didn’t get asked anything specific.  Just “think about the person you care about” and…thought……….

Inohara: It came out!  Because Sakamoto-kun carries around so much sorrow (laughs).

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Kanjani8’s second New Year’s eve concert in Osaka

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Kanjani8’s next concert tour will involve a New Year’s eve countdown live at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, reports Sponichi Annex and Sports Hochi.

The group’s tour will kick off on October 20, and go around 9 venues across Japan including Tokyo Dome on December 18 and 19, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Oita, and Nagoya.  With 22 performances in total, the tour is expected to attract more than 360,000 fans.

The tour will end with concerts in their hometown Osaka on December 30, 31, and January 1.

Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido (25) said he was excited to throw another countdown concert.

“I hope people who have never seen Kanjani perform live can go home and say they saw something thrilling!  Overcome any dislike for us please,” he said.

Ryuhei Maruyama (26) also added their concert was worth seeing.

“This is where Kanjani can spread their wings and fly!  I hope you can enjoy this year’s complete Kanjani,” he said

Shingo Murakami (28) said the group would do their best to make sure 2010 would end with a bang and 2011 would begin with a star start.

Congratulations were also in order for the group whose latest single “LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~” had just made its debut on the Japan single charts at No.1.

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Yamapi’s sister denies she was sexually harassed

22:36 JST August 30, 2010 2 comments

Tomohisa Yamashita’s sister Rina Yamashita (22) has left her post as a former minister’s secretary but denies it was because she was sexually harassed, Ms Yamashita wrote on her blog on August 27.

Banner to Rina Yamashita's official blog

Ms Yamashita is a former gravure idol, also famous among Johnny’s fans as NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita’s little sister.  Although she had tried to pursue a career as a TV announcer during university, Ms Yamashita quit the entertainment industry after graduating.  Recently she had gotten the attention of the media after becoming a secretary to former minister Kunio Hatoyama.

Last week, gossip magazine Friday and several sports newspapers had reported that Ms Yamashita had quit her job at the end of July after Mr Hatoyama’s son, Taro Hatoyama, had made sexual remarks about her.

On her blog, Ms Yamashita made the following entry:

(A number of you may already know from the various magazines and newspapers, but I have quit my office job!!)

(But it’s not because of some lame excuse like I wasn’t getting enough days off, I’ve watched my family work 24 hours a day without taking any days off)


(and it is certainly not because I was sexually harassed!)


(I have not read any of the stories so don’t know the details, but they are completely fabricated, and I cannot help but wonder why such stories have come out when they’ll only cause the office trouble)

(It is simply impossible to think that a candidate who is putting his life into an election would commit sexual harassment)

(Everyone was putting all of their effort into the election.  I was supporting it all and I still do support them.)


(I feel deeply sorry to the representatives, Taro-san, and the staff at the office for this story.  I didn’t want to cause any more trouble!!)”

If you would like to visit Ms Yamashita’s blog, here is the link:

Taiwanese fans show support for KAT-TUN

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The Taiwanese media have been reporting positive effects from KAT-TUN’s concerts in Taipei, reports Record China.

KAT-TUN performed at the Taipei Arena on August 27 and 28, attracting more than 22,000 fans, according to local media estimates.  The total profits over the two days has been reported to be more than 50 million Taiwanese dollars.

Fans in Taipei 1

Fans in Taipei 2

Fans in Taipei 3

Fans in Taipei 4

Johnny’s Junior groups Kis-My-Ft 2 and FiVe were also given the chance to perform at this overseas venue as KAT-TUN sang out 30 songs.

It has been reported that fans gathered from around Taiwan, Hong Kong, and parts of south-east Asia.

As the group sang their encore song “SMILE” in Chinese, it has been reported it was too much for some fans in the arena that they started to cry.

The media were interested in how Asian fans would react to Jin Akanishi’s sudden departure from KAT-TUN.  The news had caused some protesting at concert venues in Japan.  However, many Akanishi fans in Taiwan held up panels saying they were happy to be KAT-TUN fans, reassuring the group they would continue to support them.

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SMAP’s Nakai to sing solo on TV for first time

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On August 31 SMAP’s Masahiro Nakai (38) will sing solo on TV for the first time, it was revealed today reports Oricon.

The SMAP leader will sing his solo song “Memory ~June~” on “The Music Hour”, a show that he and Takaaki Ishibashi (48) have been hosting.

The song is one found on SMAP’s latest album “We are SMAP!”, which was released on July 21.  Nagai himself wrote the music, lyrics, and arrangements to the song.

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August 24 – 30: TV Drama ratings, Record sales, DVD sales

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Johnny’s TV Drama ratings (Japan)

  • JOKER episode 7 – 15.7% (last week 14.5%)
  • うぬぼれ刑事 (Unubore deka) episode 8 – 7.2% (last week 8.0%)
  • GM踊れドクター (GM Odore Doctor) episode 7 – 9.6% (last week 10.4%)
  • 夏の恋は虹色に輝く(Natsu no Koi ha Niji-iro ni Kagayaku) episode 7 – 11.4% (last week 11.8%)


Johnny’s Record sales (Japan)

Single weekly Top 50 (as of August 30)

6. “This is love” – SMAP

23. “NaNaNa (太陽なんていらねぇ) (Taiyo nante Irane)” – TOKIO

26. “One in a Million” – Tomohisa Yamashita

27. “To be free” – Arashi

46. “ユカイツーカイ怪物くん (Yukaitsu-kai Kaibutsu-kun)” – 怪物くん(怪物太郎)(Kaibutsu-kun (Taro Kaibutsu))

Album weekly Top 50 (as of August 30)

2. “僕の見ている風景 (Boku no Miteiru Fukei)” – Arashi

11. “We are SMAP!” – SMAP

26. “All the BEST! 1999 – 2009” – Arashi

48. “JUMP NO.1” – Hey! Say! JUMP


Johnny’s DVD sales (Japan)

Weekly Top 20 (general) (as of August 30)

2. “KinKi Kids concert tour J (limited edition)” – KinKi Kids

6. “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 x 10” – Arashi

My NEWS rant

21:31 JST August 29, 2010 2 comments

NEWS LIVE album commercials have begun in Japan, yaaaaaaaaay!

I only caught one type today while watching 24Hr TV (probably because I was out half the day), but it’s so cute (^v^)

commercial starts with NEWS "Be Funky" music

Massu: Kakkoii (Cool)

Massu is so cute when he says “kakoii”.

I think the other version has Koyama making a comment.  Hopefully there’ll be more versions with other members saying something (/>v<)/


Changing subjects it was so sweet that Ai Haruna’s mother had come to the Nihon Budokan to see Haruna when she reached the goal.

So Haruna’s first hug was with her mum, but then she ran and gave TOKIO’s Nagase a huge bear hug which was so cute too.

Ai Haruna gives Tomoya Nagase a hug


Went wandering around Harajuku today and saw a few girls wearing homemade Hey! Say! JUMP outfits (cute pink outfits with HSJ words sewn on) which were so cute.

They’ve still got billboards promoting the groups first studio album “JUMP No.1” up around Harajuku too so yay 😀

Actually, SUMMARY finished today so I guess the girls were coming home from that.  Otsukaresama~ HSJ!

It was only a few days ago that I found out that Yuri Chinen had fallen during his flying trapeze stunt in late July (>w<)

Eeek!  Luckily the safety net below saved him.

Apparently he does the trick blind-folded, so when he attempted the trick a second time, he took off the blindfold (phew).  Luckily I haven’t heard of any accidents since so hooray!  Be careful Chinen, I would not be happy if you injured yourself…I’m still hoping KAT-TUN’s Ueda makes a quick recovery from his injury.

Right, that’s enough yabbering for one night.

Have a good day everyone!

Momo xoxo

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