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This time! SMAP Shanghai concert

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On October 9 and 10, SMAP will perform their first international concerts in Shanghai, it had been announced at the group’s concert yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

At yesterday’s SMAP concert in Hokkaido, Takuya Kimura (37) had announced to the 50,000 fans that “we’ll be having a party in Shanghai!”

The group had said they had been practising saying greetings in Mandarin and rehearsals had been going well until their Shanghai EXPO performance was cancelled a week before the event back in June.

They said they had been extremely upset with the cancellation so were happy to be told their overseas concert debut would still take form.

Kimura said the upcoming concerts had more meaning than just making up for a lost performance.

“There were a lot of people who were looking forward to that event.

“This is a new chance for us to be able to meet those people.

“It’ll be a room with just us.  I want everyone to enjoy it as much as they can,” he said.

The concerts will be held in China’s second-largest stadium, the Shanghai Stadium, also known as the “80,000 people’s Stadium”.

The group have said they hope the Shanghai performances will be a starting point and other overseas concerts will follow on.

The group’s current national tour is expected to attract more than 915,000 fans.  Should numbers from the China concert be included, numbers would exceed 1 million people.  This would lead to a milestone for the group: 10 million fans seeing the group in concert since their 1991 professional debut.

The achievement, however, has not amazed Kimura, who said the figure is “just a passing point”.

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