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My 100th post o(^v^)o

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Hooray!  My 100th post!!!

Nice to come back to something awesome after an awesome holiday 😀

Spent a lot of it catching up on sleep.  Then there was a pirate ship ride, gondola, lots of trains, bikes, walking, buses…yes, a lot of going around.

My left leg also has a million mosquito bites (grrr) while my right has one.  Does my left leg magically taste better or something?

Anyway, I’m back and fully functioning again so the first thing to do was to catch up on all the news this week!

Thanks for your patience.  Hope you come back again!

Have a nice day~

Momo xoxo

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TOKIO to invade Japanese TV

23:30 JST August 14, 2010 3 comments

Starting this morning, TOKIO will be the first 24hr TV main personalities to promote the show on 24 different TV shows, it was announced yesterday reports Sports Hochi.

Past 24hr TV personalities have promoted the show on only 10 to 15 different news shows and variety shows.

As main personalities for this year’s “24時間テレビ33「愛は地球を救う」(24Hr TV 33 ‘Love Saves the Earth’)”, TOKIO have called their 24 show challenge the “TOKIO x 24 Project”.

Starting with this morning’s “Zoom In!! Saturday” (August 14), group members will appear on popular shows like “嵐にしやがれ (Arashi ni Shiyagare)” (August 21) and “AKBINGO!” (August 25) until 24hr TV starts on August 28.

TOKIO member Taichi Kokubun (35) hopes their efforts will brush onto others watching TV.

“There’s one week before the show, and we the thirties group will wake up early and work a good sweat even on live television.  I hope you can work hard with us (TOKIO),” he said.

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45th time SMAP have a Top 10 single

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SMAP’s latest number one single “This is love” means that over the past 20 years, the group has had consecutive singles reach the Top Ten list, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital on August 10.

"This is love" CD covers. The SB limited edition (left), SS limited edition (middle), and regular edition (right)

The group’s latest single has sold more than 270,000 copies in its first week of sales according to Oricon figures.

It is the 45th time the group has had a top ten single, the 23rd single to reach number one, and the first time in more than seven years they have had a single sell more than 250,00 copies in its first week of sales (the last being for “世界に一つだけの花 (Sekai ni Hitotsu dakeno Hana)”).

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Nagase plays games with his on-screen daughter

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Child actor Manatsu Kimura talked about what her on-screen mum (Ryoko Hirosue) and dad (Tomoya Nagase) were like at a preview event on August 9, reports Oricon.

“みぽりんのえくぼ (Miporin no Ekubo)” is the “24時間テレビ33「愛は地球を救う」(24Hr TV 33 ‘Love Saves the Earth’)” drama special, which stars main personality TOKIO member Tomoya Nagase (31).

Nagase plays a father to a 13-year-old girl who dies from a brain tumor, played by Kimura.

The child actor talked about how her on-screen parents helped her calm her nerves down between scenes.

“(Nagase and Hirosue) would play mobile games with me, and we’d play quiz games together.

“My crying scenes were hard.  But I was able to relax after Hirosue-san, who plays my mum, spent the whole time chatting with me,” she said.

“みぽりんのえくぼ (Miporin no Ekubo)” is based on a true story.  Back in June 2004, 13-year-old Miho Okada had died from a brain tumour and left behind 359 hand-drawn pictures showing how amazing it is to be able to live every day and look forward.

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British musical producers pick Sakamoto as Japan’s Zorro

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V6’s Masayuki Sakamoto (39) will be dancing the flamenco and sword fighting as he wears the mask of Zorro in his new musical out next January, it was announced on August 10, reports Sankei Sports.

West End poster for "Zorro the Musical"

“Zorro the Musical” is the latest stage version of the popular masked hero, who has over the years been played by actors such as Antonio Banderas (49) in the film versions.

The popstar was hand-picked by British producers of the original West End production as he went through his first audition process since joining Johnny’s & Associates in 1988.

A Sankei Sports contact at the January audition had said several famous actors were there as well, but as soon as the musical’s original director Christopher Renshaw had heard Sakamoto sing, he simply said “there’s no one but him”.

Sakamoto had said he was overwhelmed his first audition in more than 20 years turned out well.

“It’s like a dream in another dream.  I can’t believe it.

“I think this job will be a turning point in my life,” he said.

2011 also marks Sakamoto’s 20th anniversary on stage.  But for now the new Zorro is busy going to the gym to get in shape, and has been reported to be looking forward to learning how to do fencing.

“Zorro the Musical” will be performed in Japan from January 13 – February 28 2011.

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Kazumi Morohoshi wishes for a Hikaru Genji regroup

12:57 JST August 14, 2010 19 comments

Former 光GENJI (Hikaru Genji) member Kazumi Morohoshi wished for a reunion of his group at his 40th birthday concert in Tokyo on Thursday night, reports Sports Hochi.

Kazumi Morohoshi

Former group member Hiroyuki Sato (39) made a special appearance at Morohoshi’s concert’s encore with a birthday cake.

An elated Morohoshi asked Sato to help him gather the former members of their group.

“I want to do Hikaru GENJI.  I will,” he said.

But because former group member Akira Akasaka (37) has been serving an 18-month prison sentence for drug charges since March, the singer said a reunion could only take place in another two years.

Morohoshi’s birthday outfit included a leather jacket and bare chest.  The crowd of 1000 fans chanted ‘Happy Birthday’ to the star, who, slightly embarrassed, answered with: “You’re just teasing me, right.  I’m 40.  Have you seen a 40-year-old do this?”

Travel package for Hanamizuki film fans

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Walking through world heritage sites, staying at hotels Tohma Ikuta (25) and Yui Aragaki (22) used for on-location filming, and eating the local cuisine are parts of new travel tours for “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” movie fans, reports Cinema Today on August 8.

Yui Aragaki on location in Canada

Japanese travel agency H.I.S has put together several travel packages to see the world of  “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)”, which includes a trip to Lunenburg, in Nova Scotia, Canada, where parts of the film were shot.  The town was built in the 18th to 19th century, and its colorful wooden buildings had earned it UNESCO World Heritage site status in 1995.

Of two package tours, one is a seven-day tour of Nova Scotia and Niagara (costs range from 199,000 yen to 439,000 yen), and the other is a seven-day tour of Nova Scotia and New York (costs range from 234,000 yen to 407,000 yen).

H.I.S travel packages

“ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” will be released in Japanese theaters on August 21.

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