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British musical producers pick Sakamoto as Japan’s Zorro

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V6’s Masayuki Sakamoto (39) will be dancing the flamenco and sword fighting as he wears the mask of Zorro in his new musical out next January, it was announced on August 10, reports Sankei Sports.

West End poster for "Zorro the Musical"

“Zorro the Musical” is the latest stage version of the popular masked hero, who has over the years been played by actors such as Antonio Banderas (49) in the film versions.

The popstar was hand-picked by British producers of the original West End production as he went through his first audition process since joining Johnny’s & Associates in 1988.

A Sankei Sports contact at the January audition had said several famous actors were there as well, but as soon as the musical’s original director Christopher Renshaw had heard Sakamoto sing, he simply said “there’s no one but him”.

Sakamoto had said he was overwhelmed his first audition in more than 20 years turned out well.

“It’s like a dream in another dream.  I can’t believe it.

“I think this job will be a turning point in my life,” he said.

2011 also marks Sakamoto’s 20th anniversary on stage.  But for now the new Zorro is busy going to the gym to get in shape, and has been reported to be looking forward to learning how to do fencing.

“Zorro the Musical” will be performed in Japan from January 13 – February 28 2011.

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