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Nagase plays games with his on-screen daughter

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Child actor Manatsu Kimura talked about what her on-screen mum (Ryoko Hirosue) and dad (Tomoya Nagase) were like at a preview event on August 9, reports Oricon.

“みぽりんのえくぼ (Miporin no Ekubo)” is the “24時間テレビ33「愛は地球を救う」(24Hr TV 33 ‘Love Saves the Earth’)” drama special, which stars main personality TOKIO member Tomoya Nagase (31).

Nagase plays a father to a 13-year-old girl who dies from a brain tumor, played by Kimura.

The child actor talked about how her on-screen parents helped her calm her nerves down between scenes.

“(Nagase and Hirosue) would play mobile games with me, and we’d play quiz games together.

“My crying scenes were hard.  But I was able to relax after Hirosue-san, who plays my mum, spent the whole time chatting with me,” she said.

“みぽりんのえくぼ (Miporin no Ekubo)” is based on a true story.  Back in June 2004, 13-year-old Miho Okada had died from a brain tumour and left behind 359 hand-drawn pictures showing how amazing it is to be able to live every day and look forward.

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