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Arashi chosen as best holiday buddies

23:01 JST August 16, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Arashi have come out first in a poll to decide which celebrity people would want to go on a summer holiday with, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital.

A Nippon Seimei poll asked more than 5800 people early this month to choose their holiday partner.  Some of the reasons people chose Arashi included: “They have a relaxing nature about them even in the summer”, and “they look like people you could have fun with”.

Talent Becky came out second in the poll, and topped the women’s celebrity list.  Reasons included: “She looks like she’d know a lot of cute shops and places to eat”, and “she’d make the holiday so many times more fun”.

Third place was awarded to pop group AKB48 because “they have a lot of energy”, and “I’m a big fan so going on holiday with them would make me really happy”.

The top ten list is as follows:

1. Arashi

2. Becky

3. AKB48

4. Masaharu Fukuyama

5. Yui Aragaki

6. Aya Ueto

7. Shun Oguri

8. Nozomi Sasaki

9. Keiko Kitagawa

10. Osamu Mukai

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