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Tackey’s mother and Jin Akanishi take part in Tackey concert

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Concert narrations by his mother, promising fans a Tackey & Tsubasa concert within 2010, baby costumes, and an appearance by Jin Akanishi were some of the surprises at Tackey’s solo concert in Yokohama yesterday, reports Sponichi Annex, Sports Hochi, and Daily Sports.

Tackey & Tsubasa’s Hideaki Takizawa (28) had held the final concert to his summer tour in Yokohama Arena on Sunday.  The seven concert tour had attracted more than 95,000 fans.  At yesterday’s concert, the star vowed he would return to his fans with Tsubasa Imai before the end of the year.

“This is my last concert.  It’s sad that no matter how much time I spend making a concert, it finishes so quickly.

“Next time I want to come back to you as Tackey & Tsubasa!!

“Please look forward to that,” he said.

Tackey & Tsubasa have not released a single together since June 2008, nor have had a concert tour since the same year, but Tackey had revealed that both of them are working on a new song they hope will be released before the year is out.

He said the two of them are busy with their solo work right now, with Tsubasa currently in Osaka performing “ROAD TO PLAYZONE”, but frequently call one another to talk about their yet-to-be-released single.

The singer requested the crowd call out “Tsubasa” and began to sing their hit song “Venus”, showing his fans how much he thought of his partner.

A surprise at yesterday’s concert had been Tackey’s mother acting as a narrator.

Mrs Takizawa talked about her son growing up, thanked her son’s fans, and then said, “I wish I could see Hideaki as a baby again”.

This was immediately followed up by Tackey coming on stage dressed in a baby costume and sucking on a pacifier.

Tackey had later on said it was his idea to bring his mother into the show.

“I asked her myself to join in.  She was shy at first, but then started to get into it,” he said.

Another surprise guest was Jin Akanishi, who appeared on stage wearing a yellow t-shirt and jeans.

“What have I been doing lately?  Making music.  Hopefully I can release an album.  Getting things ready for my US tour,” Akanishi said.

Tackey had said he wished Akanishi all the best in the US.

“I think it will be hard, but you have people supporting you.  You’ve been given a chance,” he said.


I’m still in a personal war with whether I should call Hideaki Takizawa “Tackey” or “Takki”.

I prefer Takki, but Johnny’s seems to insist on Tackey.

But Tackey looks like “Tacky” = shabby, and I don’t like that (>w<;)

Sorry for the inconvenience, because I know that in a lot of Tackey & Tsubasa stories I keep calling him Takki.

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