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Tsuyoshi Kusanagi plays Japanese-American in next drama

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SMAP’s Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (36) and actress Yukie Nakama (30) will be the leading stars in a story about Japanese immigrants living in America before World War II, it was announced this morning, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital and Sports Hochi.

A scene from "99年の愛 (99-nen no Ai)~JAPANESE AMERICANS~"

The two actors will be taking part in TBS television company’s 60th anniversary special drama “99年の愛 (99-nen no Ai)~JAPANESE AMERICANS~”.

The story follows a family of Japanese immigrants who crossed over to America 99 years ago and start life again as farmers.   Throughout the drama they overcome racism, face the challenges of war between the two countries, and grow stronger as a family.

Filming for the drama began in February, and included large-scale on-location filming in the US from mid-April to mid-August.

Kusanagi, who plays both the father and son characters, went back and forth between Japan and the US three times.  In total he had spent one month filming in America.

Looking back on filming Kusanagi said the average day meant filming from dawn until nightfall.

“While we were filming in the US, I began to hope this would become a drama not only for Japanese people, but would also be able to touch Americans,” he said.

“99年の愛 (99-nen no Ai)~JAPANESE AMERICANS~” will air in Japan on November 3.

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