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SP movie trailer causes internet traffic

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The trailer for V6’s Junichi Okada’s (29) upcoming movie “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 野望編 (Yabo volume, Ambition volume)” has been causing internet traffic since it was uploaded on the web, reports Cinema Today.

The movie is a follow up to the popular TV drama series of the same name, which had achieved average ratings of 15% every week during its run.

A scene from SP

When the movie trailer was uploaded onto the SP official website on August 11, fans eager to watch it had caused an overload, making access to the website impossible for a while.

You can see the trailer by following this link and clicking on the 1min30sec video uploaded on August 11:

Cinema Today reports that fans should not only look forward to the story, but to the visual effects, which have been supervised by two-time Academy Award winner Robert Skotak.  Mr Stotak had won his oscars for his visual effects work on “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and “Aliens”.  His work on the action sequences is also shown in the SP movie trailer.

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My (and a stadium full of fans) summer date with Tegomass

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Fan report of 2010 Jingu Gaen Fireworks Festival!

Just a warning that I’m throwing all of my journalistic reporting skills out of the window in this post because I am still very very very high from the whole 3 hour event which just finished a few hours ago.  Also, all the photos with Tegomass are ones I found randomly on the net…I don’t own them.

It all started at 4:30pm August 19, when I got to the National Stadium, Tokyo…

4:30pm: Joined by a lot of fans at the gate (photo below)

Fans waiting to go into the National Stadium


5:30pm: Tegomass performance begins!!!  I’m sorry but I have no photos…taking photos was forbidden, and because I had a security guy sitting close to me, I couldn’t get sneaky with my camera.

Outfits.  I had heard that the two of them had been put a lot of effort into their outfits for this event.   Here’s my attempt at explaining (even though photos will come out somewhere in the next few days).

Tegoshi wore a white yukata with pink outlines and black dots (couldn’t make out whether it was leopard print or dalmation print or just black spots).  He wore the cutest pink hair accessory too.

Massu wore a blue yukata with huge white star patterns and fluorescent yellow outlines around the neck and around his waist (I think it was a fluoro yellow belt).  It reminded me of the yukata he wore for “Tanabata Matsuri”, only the stars were about five times as big.

Bigger star prints in today's outfit

They had hairstyles pretty much the same as recent photos (like below).

Tegoshi greeted the crowd with his signature hand move “Tegoshi desu!”, while Massu said a polite “Masuda Takahisa desu!” and bowed.

Tegomass performed for about 50 minutes so there were only a handful of songs including “Miso Soup”, “HIGHWAY”, “Chocolate”, “Kiss Kaerimichi no Love Song”.

Massu was very jumpy and kept jumping up and down and waving to everyone when he had the chance.  Tegoshi also waved his arms out a lot too.

The crowd really loved it when the two elephant rides from their concert tour “Tegomass no Ai” were brought out and the two of them were wheeled around the National Stadium (I mean, these ones in these photos)

Massu elephant

Tegoshi elephant

But because of time limits, each of them only circled one half of the stadium 😦

However, my fave Massu came to my side…and I was right at the front of the crowd!  This meant that Massu rode right past me, and I was within 2 metres of him (@_@).  Then…I’m sorry but he didn’t look my way because I couldn’t scream because I was absolutely star struck! (If I need to remind you, this was my first Tegomass concert so the fact that he was right in front of me was too much for me to handle)

He has longer legs than I had thought, but he had the biggest smile on his face and was trying to wave to everyone.


Tegoshi said he was nervous about performing out in an open space venue, but Massu reminded him they had done so in Taiwan.

But the pair did seem a little nervous about performing in front of today’s crowd who were either Tegomass fans, Matchy (Masahiko Kondo) fans, or people just there to see the fireworks.

“Tegomass is a unit from NEWS.  We started out as Massutego before making our debut as Tegomass.  I have no idea why my name was shifted to the back though,” Massu said.

This was followed by Tegoshi asking the crowd whether they knew who NEWS was.

As the crowd yelled out a loud “Yes!”, he said “Phew, that’s a relief”.


6:20pm: Tegomass go backstage but Tegoshi promises the crowd that “we might be back with Matchy, and maybe even at the end”.


6:30pm: Masahiko Kondo (Matchy) performance begins!

I’ve never followed Matchy much, but this 46-year-old can put on a good show!  There were fireworks and flames shooting out of the stage during his songs.

During the talks, Matchy said he had a short talk with Tegomass before coming on stage.

“I faced them and said, ‘you better have warmed that crowd up.  You’ve got that Miso Soup song right, tell me you warmed the crowd up.’

“Then they told me, ‘yes, they’re just right’,” he said.

Matchy also said he wanted a ride on a Tegomass elephant.

“I was watching my juniors perform from over there (points to the back of the stadium) and those elephants look like a lot of fun.

“I asked the staff if I could have a ride on them during my performance but they asked me not to,” he said.


7:20pm ish: Matchy’s last song brought back Tegomass and Johnny’s Jr.!  All the junior were dressed in red outfits, while Tegomass were still in their yukata, and Matchy had changed into an orange shirt and jeans.

After the song, Matchy and Tegomass had a talk, and Matchy could not help but bring up the elephants again.

Matchy: I’ve got a concert coming up, and it’d make my day if you guys (Tegomass) could come see me.

Tegomass (Tegoshi and Massu were saying the same things): Yes, we’d welcome the chance to go

Matchy: Can I borrow one of your elephants?

Tegomass: Yes, do please.  Anything.

Tegoshi: We have horses too.


Matchy: How many years has it been since you made your debut?

Tegomass: ……….(silence)

Massu: 5, maybe 6 years?

Matchy: “5, maybe 6 years?”  Folks, are you really fans of these guys who say they might have been together for a 5 or 6 years?


Another cute story was the weather.

The weather had been a worry for everyone, with the weather forecast predicting it would rain just as the event began, but when Tegomass came on, the clouds had started to clear up.

The duo said it was because they and their fans are all sunshine-attracting people.

But when Matchy started performing, some dark clouds started coming back.

Matchy told the crowd, “I’m sorry, but I am Japan’s worst rain-man.  Every fireworks festival I have been to has been postponed.

“Have you noticed that since those two have left these dark clouds have started to build up above us,” he said.


7:30pm: Fireworks begin.  Matchy and Tegomass take a seat on stage where they can get a good view.

Crowd after the sun went down


more fireworks


8:30pm: Matchy says he’s going home and will leave Tegomass to perform the closing song.

While the band got ready, Tegomass had another short chat.

Tegoshi: Weren’t those fireworks pretty?

Massu: Yeah, like the finale when all the fireworks go Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!  And then there was that kind of dud one afterwards

Tegoshi: Have you been to any fireworks festivals this year?

Massu: Every day is fireworks for me

Tegoshi: ….huh, sorry, I don’t get what you mean

Massu: Well…fireworks are really pretty.

[You’re not answering Tegoshi’s question Massu! – Momo]

Then the pair ended with “Moshimo, Kono Sekai kara OO ga Nakunattara”

Afterwards the two said their goodbyes to everyone, and hoped everyone got home safely.



The fan sitting next to me was the nicest person in the world and gave me some Tegomass goods as a present

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