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SP movie trailer causes internet traffic

10:17 JST August 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

The trailer for V6’s Junichi Okada’s (29) upcoming movie “SP THE MOTION PICTURE 野望編 (Yabo volume, Ambition volume)” has been causing internet traffic since it was uploaded on the web, reports Cinema Today.

The movie is a follow up to the popular TV drama series of the same name, which had achieved average ratings of 15% every week during its run.

A scene from SP

When the movie trailer was uploaded onto the SP official website on August 11, fans eager to watch it had caused an overload, making access to the website impossible for a while.

You can see the trailer by following this link and clicking on the 1min30sec video uploaded on August 11: www.sp-movie.com/yabo/movie.html

Cinema Today reports that fans should not only look forward to the story, but to the visual effects, which have been supervised by two-time Academy Award winner Robert Skotak.  Mr Stotak had won his oscars for his visual effects work on “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and “Aliens”.  His work on the action sequences is also shown in the SP movie trailer.

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