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SMAP concert more popular than Celine Dion’s

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SMAP’s concert will be the biggest international act the Shanghai Stadium has hosted to date, reports Daily Sports Online.

The stadium is Shanghai’s largest, and has hosted concerts for a number of international stars including Celine Dion.  However, SMAP will be the first group to have a concert crowd of more than 40,000.

Celine Dion’s concert in April 2008 had attracted 30,000 fans.

Avril Lavigne’s concert in October 2008 had attracted 25,000 fans.

Linkin Park’s concert in August 2009 had attracted 25,000 fans.

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“Hanamizuki” makes No.1 debut on Japanese movie charts

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In the first two days of release, Tohma Ikuta’s (25) latest movie “ハナミズキ (Hanamizuki)” was seen by more than 300,000 people across 310 cinemas in Japan, netting close to 400 million yen at the box office, reports Cinema Today.

It has been reported the movie’s success is thanks to the film’s origin and its actors.  The movie had been based on Yo Hitoto’s hit song of the same name, which is still a popular song sung at karaoke in Japan.  The movie’s two lead actors Ikuta and Yui Aragaki (22) had spent most of July and August promoting the film, meaning that barely a day went by without seeing one or the other on TV or in the newspaper.  On top of this, their co-star Osamu Mukai’s (28) rising popularity from his current drama “ゲゲゲの女房 (Gegege no Nyobo)” is also suspected to have influenced ticket sales.

With no major movies set for release this week, “Hanamizuki” has a good chance of staying at its No.1 spot for a second week in a row.

More than 10 hours of SMAP in new DVD

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Footage of SMAP in New York,  individual audio commentary, Kimutaku’s tomato meal recipes, “SMAPがんばりますっ!! (SMAP Ganbarimasu!!)”, “毒トマト殺人事件 (Doku Tomato Satsujin Jiken)”, and seven hours worth of behind the scenes footage will be packed into SMAP’s next DVD, reports Oricon Star.

Secretly filmed footage from the episode of “SMAPがんばりますっ!!”, which aired in Japan in January, had been used to make the group’s surprise drama “毒トマト殺人事件” which had aired in July.

Now the two shows will be released in a six-disk DVD box titled “SMAPがんばりますっ!! 2010 10時間超完全版 (SMAP Ganbarimasu!! 2010 10-jikan Cho-Kanzenban)”.

Each group member will have their own individual disk, which will include all of the footage filmed during their “SMAPがんばりますっ!!” adventure, plus their audio commentary.  The sixth disk will include the “毒トマト殺人事件” drama itself.

On top of this, seven hours of never-before-seen-scenes and special features will also be put into the DVD.

The DVD will be released on September 29 for 4980 yen.

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