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KAT-TUN’s Tatsuya Ueda injures foot during concert

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During KAT-TUN’s Taiwan concert last night, Tatsuya Ueda (26) was rushed to hospital after dislocating his left foot toe, reports Sankei Sports.

At around 9:30pm local time, Ueda was performing his solo “RABBIT OR WOLF”, but failed to land properly after jumping down from a three-metre high platform.  The singer managed to walk backstage by himself but collapsed once there.  After seeing his pale face it has been reported that concert staff decided he could not continue and rushed the singer to hospital.

The remaining four members carried on without Ueda, but group member Kazuya Kamenashi (24) promised the 13,000 fans he would be back soon.

“We have lost one from a foot injury, but we’ll be back tomorrow fit and ready alright,” he said.

Ueda did not spend too long in hospital, and was soon released to go back to his hotel.

A representative from Johnny’s & Associates has said that Ueda has expressed strong determination to perform in the next concert so they would work something out to make it happen.

The injury will not postpone the singer’s solo concert scheduled for August 29 in Hiroshima.

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