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Taiwanese fans show support for KAT-TUN

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The Taiwanese media have been reporting positive effects from KAT-TUN’s concerts in Taipei, reports Record China.

KAT-TUN performed at the Taipei Arena on August 27 and 28, attracting more than 22,000 fans, according to local media estimates.  The total profits over the two days has been reported to be more than 50 million Taiwanese dollars.

Fans in Taipei 1

Fans in Taipei 2

Fans in Taipei 3

Fans in Taipei 4

Johnny’s Junior groups Kis-My-Ft 2 and FiVe were also given the chance to perform at this overseas venue as KAT-TUN sang out 30 songs.

It has been reported that fans gathered from around Taiwan, Hong Kong, and parts of south-east Asia.

As the group sang their encore song “SMILE” in Chinese, it has been reported it was too much for some fans in the arena that they started to cry.

The media were interested in how Asian fans would react to Jin Akanishi’s sudden departure from KAT-TUN.  The news had caused some protesting at concert venues in Japan.  However, many Akanishi fans in Taiwan held up panels saying they were happy to be KAT-TUN fans, reassuring the group they would continue to support them.

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