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Kanjani8’s second New Year’s eve concert in Osaka

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Kanjani8’s next concert tour will involve a New Year’s eve countdown live at Kyocera Dome in Osaka, reports Sponichi Annex and Sports Hochi.

The group’s tour will kick off on October 20, and go around 9 venues across Japan including Tokyo Dome on December 18 and 19, Hokkaido, Fukuoka, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Oita, and Nagoya.  With 22 performances in total, the tour is expected to attract more than 360,000 fans.

The tour will end with concerts in their hometown Osaka on December 30, 31, and January 1.

Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido (25) said he was excited to throw another countdown concert.

“I hope people who have never seen Kanjani perform live can go home and say they saw something thrilling!  Overcome any dislike for us please,” he said.

Ryuhei Maruyama (26) also added their concert was worth seeing.

“This is where Kanjani can spread their wings and fly!  I hope you can enjoy this year’s complete Kanjani,” he said

Shingo Murakami (28) said the group would do their best to make sure 2010 would end with a bang and 2011 would begin with a star start.

Congratulations were also in order for the group whose latest single “LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~” had just made its debut on the Japan single charts at No.1.

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