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Yuko Nakazawa avoids marriage questions

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Former Morning Musume member Yuko Nakazawa (37) brushed aside questions from the press about any plans to marry Masayuki Sakamoto (39) at a diet product event in Tokyo today, reports Tokyo Walker.

Yuko Nakazawa

Nakazawa had been promoting a new diet product for DHC, which had helped her lose 6.9kg, bringing her weight down to 43.3kg.

The press, who have been reporting that Nakazawa and Sakamoto had been dating for several years now, asked Nakazawa whether her boyfriend was happy with her new thin figure.

“More importantly, I am happy with myself,” she said.

When the press had commented that her figure would look good in a wedding dress, Nakazawa managed to change subjects again.

“I want to go back to singing and dancing again before that so I have no plans (for marriage) at all,” she said.

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