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Koichi Domoto talks about his uncalculated self (interview translation)

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Koichi Domoto (31) released his solo album “mirror” four years ago, and now he returns with “BPM”.  Most of the songs have been written by Koichi, even though the singer was busy performing in “Endless SHOCK” on stage at the time of production.

But it was because he was busy that he was able to finish this album.

He talked to Oricon Star about what makes him uncalculated.


Oricon Star:  “BPM” is your second album as a solo artist following your last album “mirror” which was released four years ago.  What kind of product did you want to make this into?

Koichi: With “mirror”, we had a concept that it would be a reflection of who I was at the time.  We wanted the same concept with “BPM” too.  “BPM” is a term used a lot in music and it tells you the tempo or speed a song is played.  So, this time I had hoped I could express the various tempos inside of me through this record.


Oricon Star: Did anything feel different compared to the last album?

Koichi:  Compared to “mirror” I think I spent less time thinking about it.  When I worked on “mirror”, I kept thinking about the overall balance of the album.  Should I make a song like this, there needs to be a song like that, and in a way I calculated everything as I went along.  But with “BPM”, I tried not to think about calculating things and turned what was inside of me at the time into a song.


Oricon Star: So you deliberately tried not to think about things?

Koichi: Well, there was the realistic problem that I didn’t have time to calculate things through too (laughs).  But I did think that if I took a positive approach to the tight time schedule, it could bring out my individuality more.


Oricon Star: And what is your individuality?

Koichi: That’s, well, it’s hard to put into words (laughs).  Some people might say that the first song “Bad Desire” brings out Koichi while others might say the fourth song “暁 (Akatsuki)” brings out Koichi.  There are a lot of ways people could take it, and that openness is fine by me.  But besides the song “SOLITARY” which I sang at this year’s “SHOCK”, and Tsukasa Maizu’s “No more”, all of the album’s tracks were written by me so in a way, it is me for sure.  I hope everyone can find their own “Koichi-ness” in it somewhere.


Oricon Star: I’d like to move onto asking you about how you made the songs now.  The album begins with the sharp dance tempo track “Bad Desire” but where did this song come from?

Koichi: It came from the feeling I got after listening to lots of rhythm track samples on the computer.  I was thinking less about the melody and more about making a piece with an aggressive tempo.  If the album was going to focus on the feeling of a song’s beat, then this would be a worthy song to live up to the “BPM” title.  It’s completely different from the second song “IN & OUT”.  I wanted to make a song that was aggressive and up tempo.  I’ve got nothing else to add to that!


Oricon Star: (laughs) The second single “妖~あやかし~ (Ayakashi)” and its following “暁 (Akatsuki)” track express a very Japanese Koichi mood, I think.

Koichi: I have an Japanese element fixed into me so I thought I might as well make a song about it.  But songs with Japanese elements in them make the listener focus on the melody a lot so it actually causes me a lot of trouble.  If you do it wrong it sounds so Enka (laughs).  It’s always a struggle to find the line that keeps it away from that style.  But my overall goal was to mix things up.  When you listen to it, some people might shrug it off as just another song, but when you listen to it closely, you’ll hear that it uses Japanese words, and a lot of English words.  The rhythm is R’n’B style, but it has mis-matched Japanese lyrics to it.  Adding in an orchestra on top of all that is another mis-match.  I wanted to be able to fuse these things together.


Oricon Star: Your next tour kicks off on September 11 but what will it be like?

Koichi: Who knows?  I’m not sure yet, we haven’t got much time for rehearsals so it might just be me singing and not dancing.


Oricon Star: There’s a song like that?

Koichi: No, I mean throughout the whole thing (laughs).


Oricon Star: Nononono (laughs).  I was trying to picture what kind of dance moves you would make while I was listening to the album.

Koichi: But really, we don’t have time (laughs).  So it really might turn into a show where everyone around me dances while I can’t do anything but sing.  Well, I guess it’ll have to be a surprise.


My little thoughts today

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There have been a number of small, not-so-news-related things that have been buzzing through my head today…

First, the previews for the new NEWS album LIVE are epic.

If you haven’t listened to it, do.

I think my favorite is “生まれし君へ (Umareshi Kimi he)” (^-^)


Second, still wondering whether I should follow Johnny’s Net and create new categories for Tohma Ikuta and Jin Akanishi.

If you didn’t know yet, Johnny’s had made the official change on their website this week.

Maybe I’ll add a Tohma Ikuta category, but something’s stopping me from adding a Jin Akanishi category until I see him make a formal departure in person….hmmmmmm


Thirdly, my left arm has been bitten seven times by the world’s most annoying mosquito in the past 24 hours.

Urge to scratch at a maximum right now…


Fourth point.  Still welcoming any requests for interview translations! 😀

You might’ve noticed I’ve added some of my own this week and have another one coming in an hour or two.  If you like how I translate, leave me a message please (*^v^*)


Hope y’all have a good weekend!

Momo xoxo

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Takuya Kimura takes family out to celebrate wife’s win

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Takuya Kimura’s (37) wife Shizuka Kudo (40) talked about how she celebrated her art prize win with her family at a press conference for blue ribbon winners at the National Art Center in Tokyo yesterday, reports Daily Sports.

Colorful victory: Shizuka Kudo (40) talks about her award-winning art piece

It is the first time Kudo has won a blue ribbon prize for her art, which is being shown in the 95th Nika Exhibition.

The singer said she was overwhelmed she had been awarded a prize that had only been given to 25 art pieces out of the total 3007 which had been sent in for the exhibition.

“It is a prize that has come after 15 years of working slowly so I’m very happy,” she said.

Kudo said her husband and their daughters were equally excited about the win.

“They both said ‘that’s amazing’.  They said it was a big occasion so we went out to eat yakiniku,” she said.

Kudo’s piece, titled “瞳の奥 (Hitomi no Oku)” portrays a girl and butterflies intertwined together in color.  She said it had taken one year to finish.

“I wanted to make the face more exotic, but as I went into doing the finishing touches she turned into a younger girl.

“She looks like (my) daughter I guess,” she said.

It is the 15th time Kudo has had her art accepted into the exhibition since her first in 1990.

The 95th Nika Exhibition runs from September 1 – 13 at the National Art Center in Roppongi, Tokyo.

Higashiyama already fit enough to tackle samurai role

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Noriyuki Higashiyama (43) has revealed he is just as fit as his younger Johnny’s juniors that he can go into filming a physically-demanding movie without special training, reports

Higashiyama will star in a movie-adaptation of  Shuhei Fujisawa’s short story novel “小川の辺 (Ogawa no Hotori)”, which follows a samurai who is ordered to attack his sister’s husband.  The film portrays the conflict between family love and clan life.

While it may seem to be a lot to ask a 43-year-old actor to do all of the intense fighting scenes, it has been reported that Higashijima will not require any special training.  The film’s sword-fighting supervisors have said the actor’s personal training regime has already made him fit enough to tackle the characteristic fighting techniques of medieval Japan.   Higashiyama said he had never missed a day of doing 1000 sit ups, and said he runs an average 100 km every month.

At a press conference, Higashiyama said he was confident about staying true to the book’s original character.

“I have been fortunate to come across a piece of work that has shaken my soul.  What choice does a man make when he is at a crossroad.

“Fujiasawa’s words always make me think about bonds, conflict, and what is true kindness.  I want to use all of my energy to portray those ideas through my character,” he said.

“小川の辺 (Ogawa no Hotori)” will be directed by Tetsuo Shinohara and will be released during the summer of 2011.

Kis-My-Ft2 still preparing for show that starts today

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At rehearsals the day before the start of their musical season, Kis-My-Ft2 and A.B.C-Z had admitted they weren’t fully prepared yet, reports Sankei Sports.

The two Johnny’s Jr. groups will be performing “少年たち 格子無き牢獄 (Shonentachi: Koushi naki Rougoku)” from September 3 – 26 in Tokyo.  Yesterday Kis-My-Ft2 member Taisuke Fujigaya (23) said he was confident the show would be a success.

“It’s the day before opening day, but we still haven’t got it perfect.  But we’re always like this so we’ll be alright,” he said.

Fujigaya also talked about how the group had continued with rehearsals and meetings while they were on tour with KAT-TUN last month in South Korea and Taiwan.

“We used Skype to talk to A.B.C-Z about dance moves and also rehearse with them,” he said.

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