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Koichi Domoto talks about his uncalculated self (interview translation)

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Koichi Domoto (31) released his solo album “mirror” four years ago, and now he returns with “BPM”.  Most of the songs have been written by Koichi, even though the singer was busy performing in “Endless SHOCK” on stage at the time of production.

But it was because he was busy that he was able to finish this album.

He talked to Oricon Star about what makes him uncalculated.


Oricon Star:  “BPM” is your second album as a solo artist following your last album “mirror” which was released four years ago.  What kind of product did you want to make this into?

Koichi: With “mirror”, we had a concept that it would be a reflection of who I was at the time.  We wanted the same concept with “BPM” too.  “BPM” is a term used a lot in music and it tells you the tempo or speed a song is played.  So, this time I had hoped I could express the various tempos inside of me through this record.


Oricon Star: Did anything feel different compared to the last album?

Koichi:  Compared to “mirror” I think I spent less time thinking about it.  When I worked on “mirror”, I kept thinking about the overall balance of the album.  Should I make a song like this, there needs to be a song like that, and in a way I calculated everything as I went along.  But with “BPM”, I tried not to think about calculating things and turned what was inside of me at the time into a song.


Oricon Star: So you deliberately tried not to think about things?

Koichi: Well, there was the realistic problem that I didn’t have time to calculate things through too (laughs).  But I did think that if I took a positive approach to the tight time schedule, it could bring out my individuality more.


Oricon Star: And what is your individuality?

Koichi: That’s, well, it’s hard to put into words (laughs).  Some people might say that the first song “Bad Desire” brings out Koichi while others might say the fourth song “暁 (Akatsuki)” brings out Koichi.  There are a lot of ways people could take it, and that openness is fine by me.  But besides the song “SOLITARY” which I sang at this year’s “SHOCK”, and Tsukasa Maizu’s “No more”, all of the album’s tracks were written by me so in a way, it is me for sure.  I hope everyone can find their own “Koichi-ness” in it somewhere.


Oricon Star: I’d like to move onto asking you about how you made the songs now.  The album begins with the sharp dance tempo track “Bad Desire” but where did this song come from?

Koichi: It came from the feeling I got after listening to lots of rhythm track samples on the computer.  I was thinking less about the melody and more about making a piece with an aggressive tempo.  If the album was going to focus on the feeling of a song’s beat, then this would be a worthy song to live up to the “BPM” title.  It’s completely different from the second song “IN & OUT”.  I wanted to make a song that was aggressive and up tempo.  I’ve got nothing else to add to that!


Oricon Star: (laughs) The second single “妖~あやかし~ (Ayakashi)” and its following “暁 (Akatsuki)” track express a very Japanese Koichi mood, I think.

Koichi: I have an Japanese element fixed into me so I thought I might as well make a song about it.  But songs with Japanese elements in them make the listener focus on the melody a lot so it actually causes me a lot of trouble.  If you do it wrong it sounds so Enka (laughs).  It’s always a struggle to find the line that keeps it away from that style.  But my overall goal was to mix things up.  When you listen to it, some people might shrug it off as just another song, but when you listen to it closely, you’ll hear that it uses Japanese words, and a lot of English words.  The rhythm is R’n’B style, but it has mis-matched Japanese lyrics to it.  Adding in an orchestra on top of all that is another mis-match.  I wanted to be able to fuse these things together.


Oricon Star: Your next tour kicks off on September 11 but what will it be like?

Koichi: Who knows?  I’m not sure yet, we haven’t got much time for rehearsals so it might just be me singing and not dancing.


Oricon Star: There’s a song like that?

Koichi: No, I mean throughout the whole thing (laughs).


Oricon Star: Nononono (laughs).  I was trying to picture what kind of dance moves you would make while I was listening to the album.

Koichi: But really, we don’t have time (laughs).  So it really might turn into a show where everyone around me dances while I can’t do anything but sing.  Well, I guess it’ll have to be a surprise.

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