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Koichi Domoto to star in Seven Samurai stage show

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Koichi Domoto (31) from KinKi Kids will play his first stage role in a show not produced by Johnny’s, it was revealed yesterday, reports Chunichi Sports.

The singer will star in “七人の侍 (Seven Samurai)”, a new show directed and produced by designer Kansai Yamamoto (66) for the “KANSAI SUPER SHOW”.

Yamamoto’s latest show will transform Koichi into a samurai unlike any other.  It comes three years after Yamamoto’s last “KANSAI SUPER SHOW”, “太陽の船 (Taiyo no Fune)” which had starred TOKIO’s  Masahiro Matsuoka (33).

The director had said he wanted to keep an open mind about possible overseas performances, which was why he was drawn to make a show based on Akira Kurosawa’s critically acclaimed film “Seven Samurai”.  The story portrays a group of samurai who never give up until they fulfill their dreams.  Yamamoto had said he based Koichi’s character from the film’s character Kikuchiyo.

He had also said he chose Koichi for the show because the singer would bring in new ideas.

“We’re from different generations and grew up in different surroundings so I’m looking forward to seeing something completely new come out from him.

“I think both of us will affect the way the other lives their life,” he said.

Producers will be flying in from New York shortly, meaning that this show will truly be a new challenge for Koichi.

“Seven Samurai” will be performed at Tokyo’s Ariake Colesseum on November 20 and 21.

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