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Favourite musician Top 10 lists

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Here are the 2010 Top 10 lists from オリ★スタ (Ori-suta), which has been running the annual poll since 2004, asking 20,000 people in their teens to 40s to pick their favourite artists.

Overall Favourite Artist

1. Arashi

2. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

3. Mr. Children

4. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

5. aiko

6. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)

7. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada)

8. B’z

9. スピッツ (Spitz)

10. YUI


Favourite artist voted by women

1. Arashi

2. aiko

3. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

4. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)

5. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

6. Mr. Children

7. コブクロ (Kobukuro)

8. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada)

9. スピッツ (Spitz)

10. 絢香 (Ayaka)


Favourite artist voted by men

1. Mr. Children

2. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

3. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

4. B’z

5. YUI

6. サザンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars)

7. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada)

8. aiko

9. スピッツ (Spitz)

10. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)


Favourite artist voted by teenagers

1. Arashi

2. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

3. YUI

4. aiko

5. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

6. AKB48

7. Mr. Children

8. ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffiti)


10. 絢香 (Ayaka)


Favourite artist voted by people in their 20s

1. Arashi

2. Mr. Children

3. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

4. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

5. YUI

6. aiko

7. 宇多田ヒカル (Hikaru Utada)


9. 安室奈美恵 (Namie Amuro)

10. スピッツ (Spitz)


Favourite artist voted by people in their 30s

1. Mr. Children

2. Arashi

3. B’z

4. スピッツ (Spitz)

5. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)

6. サザンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars)


8. 木村カエラ (Kaera Kimura)

9. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

10. aiko


Favourite artist as voted by people in their 40s

1. サザンオールスターズ (Southern All Stars)

2. 竹内まりや

3. Arashi

4. 中島みゆき (Miyuki Nakajima)

5. 松任谷由美 (Yumi Matsutoya)

6. 福山雅治 (Masaharu Fukuyama)

7. 桑田桂祐 (Keisuke Kuwata)

8. 小田和正 (Kazumasa Oda)

9. いきものがかり (Ikimonogakari)

10. コブクロ (Kobukuro)


Takuya Kimura reads more than 1000 messages on fans in concerts

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Colourful lettering, hearts, stars, photos, glitter, the fans Johnny’s fans wave around in concerts are clearly seen by SMAP, Takuya Kimura (37) had revealed on his radio show on September 3.

example of fan message (thanks to

The group are in the middle of their “We are SMAP! Tour 2010” concerts, with upcoming performances in Tokyo next week, and Shanghai next month.

Kimura said on his radio show “WHAT’S UP SMAP!” that he spends a lot of time reading each of the fan messages from the stage.

“Fans have become a part of SMAP concerts now.  A lot of fans write messages on the back of the fans, but I always read them, even while I’m singing.

“There are so may kinds of messages, like ‘give me a peace sign!’ or ‘shoot me!’, and sometimes ‘cover me!’

“I always take a moment to think ‘cover you with what?’  Maybe they’re talking about the water we drink on stage, I think.

“I always want to answer to as many as possible, but the reality is is that it’s quite embarrassing.  I mean, in terms of getting it right on rhythm, or making it work with what I’m singing.

“When I’m doing nothing and I read a message and go “bang bang!” on the spot, that is really embarrassing.

“It’s easier for me to do requests while I’m singing I guess.  If I don’t react to your request, please don’t get upset.  I’m singing, dancing, and thinking of several things in my head while I answer the requests so even if I don’t react, I generally read all of them.

“My eyesight is really good because I don’t read books.  In a 4-hour concert I think I’ll read 1000 to 2000 fans.

“Mind you, sometimes I’ll think ‘Oh what, it’s for Goro, not me’ (laughs).”

Kimura’s group member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (36) also said on radio he read messages on fans too.

“I’ve got good eyesight so I can clearly read the messages on the second and third floors,” he said.

Kusanagi also talked about his most memorable fan message: “Once I saw one with ‘Nakai’ written in Korean.  I thought to myself, ‘why?  Nakai can’t read it’.”

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Arashi Jet photo

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For those of you who haven’t seen a photo of the Arashi Jet yet…

Have a good day!

Momo xoxo

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Arashi voted favourite artist for the first time

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Out of a poll of 20,000 music fans, Arashi have been voted as favourite musicians for 2010 for the first time, show figures released by オリ★スタ (Ori-suta) yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

The magazine has been running the annual poll since 2004, which asks 20,000 people in their teens to 40s to pick their favourite artists.

Arashi had made it to the Top 10 of the list for the first time in 2009, where they were ranked in at No.4.

Apart from taking the overall No.1 spot this year, the group also finished at No.1 in seven of the 14 other categories including Best Male artist.

Many of the voters had chosen Arashi for the same reasons:

“They have a perfect balance between singing, dancing, and talking.”

“The five of them get along.”

“The five members have their own individuality.”

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