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Kis-My-Ft2’s Yokoo not in group’s stage show but gets TV drama role

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His first TV drama role and the opportunity to work with his Johnny’s seniors is surely to delight fans of Wataru Yokoo (24) from Kis-My-Ft2.

Wataru Yokoh's name in the drama cast list

The Johnny’s Jr. star will play a lawyer living next door to main character Seiji (played by Arashi’s Kazunari Ninomiya) in “フリーター、家を買う (Freeter, Ie wo Kau)”, which starts in October.  Yokoh will also be working with Kanjani8’s Ryuhei Maruyama (26), who is also starring in the drama.

The unexplained absence of Yokoo from his group’s stage show “少年たち 格子無き牢獄 (Shonentachi: Koushi naki Rougoku)” had upset many Jr. fans last week.  Now some fans have been reported to be happy Yokoo had been given such a big job.

Drama poster

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SMAP collaborate with Japanese golf sensation for commercial

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Japanese pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa (18) will be starring in a new TV commercial which will use SMAP’s song “Glamorous”, it was revealed yesterday, reports Oricon.

Green: Pro golfer Ryo Ishikawa in his new commercial with SMAP music

The commercial is for LOTTE’s chewing gum range “Green Gum”.

The golfer said he had felt privileged to work with the national popstars as he had been listening to the group’s songs since he was little.

He added his personal favourite was “夜空ノムコウ (Yozora no Mukou)”.

“(The lyrics) make me realise that my hard work now is all for my future self.  When I feel down during training, I remember those lyrics and it helps me get back on my feet,” he said.

SMAP member Takuya Kimura (37) had commented on their collaboration in a similar way as well.

“My respect for him grows every time I see how much effort and practice he puts into his work.  I am very happy to have worked with Ishikawa,” he said.

LOTTE’s new commercials will begin airing in Japan from September 27.

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