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September 7 – 13: TV Drama ratings, Record sales, DVD sales

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Johnny’s TV Drama ratings (Japan)

  • JOKER episode 9 – 13.5% (last week 11.9%)
  • うぬぼれ刑事 (Unubore deka) episode 10 – 7.1% (last week 6.5%)
  • GM踊れドクター (GM Odore Doctor) episode 9 – 8.8% (last week 7.7%)
  • 夏の恋は虹色に輝く(Natsu no Koi ha Niji-iro ni Kagayaku) episode 9 – 11.5% (last week 12.9%)


Johnny’s Record sales (Japan)

Single weekly Top 50 (as of September 13)

1. “only dreaming/Catch” – V6

5. “LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~ (Me no Mae no Mukou he)” – Kanjani8

26. “This is love” – SMAP

50. “To be free” – Arashi

Album weekly Top 50 (as of September 13)

2. “BPM” – Koichi Domoto (solo)

4. “僕の見ている風景 (Boku no Miteiru Fukei)” – Arashi

27. “All the BEST! 1999 – 2009” – Arashi

30. “We are SMAP!” – SMAP


Johnny’s DVD sales (Japan)

Weekly Top 20 (general) (as of September 13)

10. “ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5 x 10” – Arashi


Kanjani8 announce first group movie in album DVD

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A new album and feature-length music film are things Kanjani8 fans can look forward to after the group made the announcement at a press conference in Tokyo yesterday, reports Sponichi Annex, Sankei Sports, and Nikkan Sports.

It has been reported the group’s new album, titled “8UPPERS (PacchiUPPERS)” will be released on October 20.

The limited edition album will also feature a 77-minute music film DVD, where the seven members portray characters living in an underground community.  The group try to repair the relationships in one particular family, and includes many action sequences.

It is the first time the group have all starred together in a film.

Kanjani8 member Ryuhei Maruyama (26) had said it would show a side of the members no one had ever seen before.

As an added bonus, the film will be shown in 50 TOHO Cinema screens across Japan on the day their album is released.

Group member Ryo Nishikido (25) said he was confident with the quality of their new album, which includes their two newest singles.

“The level of the music on this album is such that you can enjoy it by just listening with your ears,” he said.

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