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K-chan NEWS live radio

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Tonight’s Kちゃん NEWS is live!  Hooray!

Keiichiro Koyama, Yuya Tegoshi, and Shigeaki Kato talking live, yay 😀

The theme for tonight’s show is “what are you doing right now?”

So…I decided to type up this blog post as it happens! (Momo)

– Koyama has sent a text to Massu to ask him what he is doing right now and hopefully he will reply during the show.  Tegoshi thinks he’s eating yakitori.

– It’s the day before the new NEWS album is released!  The three say that some people might be lucky and be able to buy the album today…

– Kato went fishing with Satoshi Ohno (Arashi) during the weekend.  He says he didn’t put on sunscreen so will look very tanned on TV show 笑っていいとも! today.  Koyama reminds Kato that he’s going on today’s show to promote NEWS, but Kato says his tanned self is really a promotion in itself.  He insists it will catch the viewer’s attention, making them think “oh, there is a dark guy in NEWS”.

– The three reveal that Massu is costume designer for the group’s upcoming concert tour.  No one knows what their costumes look like yet.  In terms of rehearsals, it had been hard for all six of them to get together at the same time because of different commitments so they have not had as many group rehearsals as usual.

– The three talked about emails being sent in from listeners.  One listener said they were studying, another was asking a boy she liked to a movie and was waiting for a reply, one was wondering what to wear to the upcoming NEWS concerts, and one was daydreaming about Tegoshi…to which Tegoshi gave the listeners a kiss on radio (cute!).

– Massu didn’t reply in time (waaah…) and Tegoshi still says he’s out eating yakitori (um, it’s 12:20am Tegoshi…).

– Show is about to finish and Tegoshi says he wants to keep talking live for another two hours.  Koyama says they can, it just won’t be broadcast.

– Songs played tonight: BE FUNKY! and LIVE.

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  1. hchaengbok
    18:16 JST September 26, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    love to see boys get together
    they are humourous idol in my heart ^^
    thx for your translation

    • 19:11 JST September 26, 2010 at 7:11 PM


      I really love it when they talk live because it adds such a different dimension 🙂

      hope they do 妄想キッスシチュエーション (imaginary kiss situation) live some time too. wish Massu as the man part again, which is so funny because he always messes up his cool guy lines and laughs.
      and tegoshi makes such a cute sexy voice

      Momo xoxo

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