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My NEWS LIVE album rant

23:39 JST September 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I couldn’t help but take a detour home via the record store to see if they were selling the new NEWS album a day early…and quite a few fans must have been thinking the same as me because a lot of shelf space where albums should have been were empty!

I bought the limited edition, which comes with the Unplugged DVD of four songs: Sakura Girl, SUMMER TIME, Aki no Sora, and SNOW EXPRESS.

The performances are amazing.  My new favourite song is Aki no Sora 🙂

The limited edition has a foldout newspaper with all of the lyrics and random little advertisements for their album release, upcoming dome tour, and…a NEW SINGLE!?

Does this mean NEWS will release another single within the year?  I hope so!

Still haven’t listened to all of the songs, but so far so good!  I feel like the group have more developed singing voices now, especially Tegoshi.

Right, back to writing up another blog post…just had some news come in.

Have a good night everyone!

Momo xoxo

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  1. 01:09 JST September 15, 2010 at 1:09 AM

    Finished NEWS album and it is now September 15 = NEWS Anniversary!
    They’re into their 8th year together, yay!
    Congratulations~~~ (/^-^)/

    My new fave songs on LIVE are:
    – Aki no Sora (Massu sounds very, very, very sweet)
    – 2-ri/130000000 no Kiseki
    – Dancin’ in the Secret
    – Sakura Girl
    – Endless Summer
    – Umareshi Kimi he
    – Koi no ABO

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