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Nino commercial available online

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Nino’s commercial for スープdeおこげ (Soup de Okoge) is now available on the maker’s website,  reports RBB Today.

Nino commercial on House Foods website

In the House Foods commercial, Nino shows how crispy the new Okoge has become:

The Arashi star has been advertising the soup range since 2007, which is a popular product with working office women.


Wow Nino has been busy!!!  Movies, drama, commercials, Arashi concert tour…Nino, are you really human or super-human.

I’m not sure whether people outside of Japan can see the ad, sorry (>w<)

Momo xoxo


SMAP’s Kusanagi lives on plants for four days

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Eating nothing but plants before SMAP’s Tokyo Dome concerts and having an alpaca as a co-star has been Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s (36) latest challenge in his upcoming TV special, it was revealed yesterday, reports Oricon.

The TV Asahi three hour special has been called: “草なぎ剛の1人でゴールデン3時間やっちゃいます!〜草だけで過ごす4日間。もし地球上に食べ物が無くなったらあなたは草だけで生きられますか?雑草の様に生きようSP〜 (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s one-man 3hr golden time special!  ~Living on plants for 4 days.  If food vanished from the face of the earth, would you be able to live on plants?  Life as a weed special~)”.

Kusanagi had spent four days on a garden rooftop of an apartment building with his co-star, 6-month-old alpaca Momo-chan.  During the challenge, Kusanagi had visits from vegetarian celebrities giving him advice about what plants to eat, had vegetarian cooking sessions, and enjoyed a vegetarian BBQ.

Kusanagi's co-star: Momo-chan the alpaca

The popstar had said his latest adventure had become a completely new kind of variety show.

“I’ve done a lot of different variety shows in the past but this one had a totally different feeling about it,” he said.

TV producers had chosen Kusanagi for the show because the Japanese character in his name, “草” which means grass or plant, went well with the show’s theme.

Will Kusanagi be able to get through SMAP’s Tokyo concerts having only eaten plants for the four days prior to the first performance?  Stay tuned…the show will go on air in Japan on October 5 on TV Asahi from 7pm.


Lol, his co-star’s name is Momo.

…that’s not me, because I’m not an alpaca, even though I find them really adorable.

That and I’m a faithful omnivore in my 20s.

Momo (the human one) xoxo

Toma Ikuta promotes Final Fantasy XIV in costume

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At yesterday’s promotional event for the new Final Fantasy game it was announced Toma Ikuta (25) would be starring in the game’s commercial, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital.

Armour-ed: Toma Ikuta's costume in his new commercial

With more than 970 million copies sold worldwide, the TV ad for the latest Final Fantasy series installment, Final Fantasy 14, depicts Ikuta in an armour costume as he goes off on an adventure with his avatar friends.

The star revealed he had been a fan of the series for years.

“I’ve been playing Final Fantasy since I was at primary school.

“I was really excited to be inside the Final Fantasy world.  There was so much attention to detail on my armour it got me hyped up and it was a lot of fun,” he said.

Ikuta also revealed he got hooked on online gaming while playing Final Fantasy 11.

“I used to sacrifice my sleeping time and just kept playing it,” he said.

While trying out Final Fantasy 14 at yesterday’s event, Ikuta had plenty to say about it.

“First of all, the graphics are amazing!  Getting a team together online, and going out and fighting monsters together is a big part of Final Fantasy 14.  I hope everyone gets fired up with their friends,” he said.

Ikuta’s TV commercial has both 15 and 30 second versions, and will go on air in Japan from September 22.  Final Fantasy XIV for Windows will go on sale from September 30 while the PS3 version is scheduled to be released in March 2011.

SMAP want to give Chinese fans a song gift

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In just under a month SMAP will have their first international concert, but for the time being the group are busy studying Chinese, reports Searchina yesterday.

Group leader Masahiro Nakai (38) said that all of the members have been taking Chinese lessons.

“I know that a lot of people in China can speak Japanese, but we want to be able to communicate with everyone directly using Chinese. We’ll give it our best shot!” He said.

As a present to their fans and to commemorate their overseas concert debut, the group have said they want to sing their hit single “世界に一つだけの花 (Sekai ni Hitotsu dakeno Hana)” in Chinese. The reason is because they want to send a message to every fan to let their own unique flower bloom.

Group member Takuya Kimura (37) had said he had fond memories about Shanghai while he was filming his drama there earlier in the year.

“I remember the people in Shanghai being extremely nice.

“I’m looking forward to the concert and hope we have an experience unlike any other,” he said.

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