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Tackey and Johnny’s Jr. take over a TV game show

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Hideaki Takizawa (28) and more than 100 Johnny’s Jr. talents will make up the guest list and studio crowd on a popular Japanese game show, reports The Television.

Cast of Tokyo Friend Park 2

Tackey and a team of Jr. members he selects will compete in the next “関口宏の東京フレンドパークII (Hiroshi Sekiguchi’s Tokyo Friend Park II)” special to air on September 20.

Johnny’s Jr. talents in the show will include Shintaro Morimoto (13), B.I. Shadow, and Hip Hop JUMP.

The popstars will try out games such as Go! Up Hill, Panic Ringo-ski 2, Wild Wild Duck, and Hyper Hockey.

Tackey will be challenged by trying out the show’s newest game, Panic Ringo-ski 2, which is a two-person attraction.  It requires one person to shoot an arrow at apples on the TV screen while the other person has to try and catch the falling apples with a basket on their back.

Another new game, Wild Wild Duck, will require the Johnny’s talents to do things such as kicking acorns to defeat a mole and playing golf.

The Panic Ringo-ski game

It is the second time in history the game show has been completely rented out to its guests; the first being in April when Japanese stage company Takarazuka had made up the guests and studio audience.

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