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KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi meets his childhood hero

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Kazuya Kamenashi (24) from KAT-TUN could not contain his excitement when he appeared at a Panasonic event with former pro-baseball player and sports reporter Atsuya Furuta (45) today in Tokyo, reports Oricon.

Campaign model: Kazuya Kamenashi's Panasonic ad

The two were at an event for Panasonic Beauty, a line of men’s electronic beauty products.

Despite being there to promote electronic appliances, Kamenashi, who has been playing baseball from a young age, could not stop talking about baseball with Furuta, even after the event had finished.

“He’s a player I’ve been following since primary school so this is really unbelievable,” he said.

Role model: former-pro baseball player Atsuya Furuta

But while Kamenashi was star-struck by Furuta, the sports reporter had confessed he was just as happy to meet the Johnny’s star.

“My wife (free announcer Miho Nakai) is a huge fan!  She said I had to get photos of him,” he said.

Furuta also gave Kamenashi some advice in regards to the singer’s own work as a TV sports reporter.

“Make the most of the time you’re out on location and keep that enthusiasm going.  I think you might even be able to work as a full time sports reporter some time,” he said

Not forgetting what he was there for, Kamenashi got the job done promoting the products, which have so far sold more than one million shaver’s and four million hair dryers.

“They give you a peace of mind.  I hope more people can use them, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman,” he said.

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