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Go Morita and Aya Ueto break up after eight years together

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Numerous sources have confirmed that V6’s Go Morita (31) and actress Aya Ueto (25) have broken up, it was revealed yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

Aya Ueto appears at an event in Tokyo on September 22

The two had been dating since 2002, having met one another while working on a drama in 2001, but had for a long time never admitted they were in a relationship.  But in April this year the couple had confirmed to the press that they were in a serious relationship, leading some to believe that a wedding was on the way soon.

However, after going through long periods of not seeing one another due to their hard work schedules and having different views of marriage seems to have been the deciding factor that had ended the relationship.

According to one source, the two had separated in May.

While eight years may sound like a long time, it needs to be emphasised that both stars had been working to demanding schedules.  Ueto had been moving from one drama project to the next and had become an increasingly popular figure in TV commercials and events.  Morita had been working with V6, going on tours and working on albums, but had also been doing a number of solo jobs as a stage actor and film actor.

Another source had said that the couple’s public confirmation in April was a chance for the two of them to talk about their future.  The source had said that while Ueto had serious thoughts of marriage, Morita knew he had to make the decision carefully as a member of a popular boy band.  Both sides also knew that their long work schedules were unlikely to change in the future.

The same source has reported that the two stars had decided it was best for them to focus on their careers for a while, and had not broken up over a fight nor had been cheating on one another.

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  1. s_malfoy
    15:13 JST September 25, 2010 at 3:13 PM

    I sense a trend forming, everytime a Johnny admits to dating someone long(more than a year or something…) they split after afew months. Eg. Ayumi,Nagase. Aoi Yu and Okada Junichi. Nakai and Koda.
    Thanks for sharing this! XD You site is a must-read-with-coffee-in-the-morning-ritual for me. 🙂

    • 12:24 JST September 26, 2010 at 12:24 PM

      ohhh, that’s kinda scary that it’s true…

      thanks for coming by all the time 🙂 That’s funny, my site is my must-type-up-posts-with-coffee-in-the-morning ritual for me (^-^;)

      Have a nice day!

      Momo xoxo

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