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Tomoya Nagase’s role as the optimistic “never mind” office boss

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TOKIO’s Tomoya Nagase (31) and actress Maki Horikita (21) talked about working on their commercial for LOTTE’s new chocolates “Charlotte i” at an event in Tokyo today, reports Mainichi Shinbum Digital.

Maki Horikita at LOTTE

Horikita plays a company worker whose big mistake gets brushed aside by her “まあいいか (never mind)” boss, played by Nagase.

The commercial has been turned into a mini-drama, comically showing how the chocolate product had been developed. A hard-working product developer Horikita comes running into the room apologising to her boss for making a mistake with the chocolate’s wrapping paper.

As Nagase sees the wrapping paper covering only half of each chocolate stick, he shrugs it off saying, “never mind. We can still eat it! Let’s just sell it like this!”

Horikita reacts with a confused “eh?”

At today’s event, Nagase had said he liked his character’s free-spirited qualities.

“I think it’s important for people today to have some sort of ‘never mind that’ attitude.

“Personally, I like people like that and I think I act like that a lot too,” he said.

However, the singer said that playing a boss was not so easy.

“I was worried that I’d make a worthless boss,” he said.

His co-star Horikita cheered him up saying that, “I’d look forward to coming to work every day if my office boss was as good-looking as him (Nagase)”.

In another part of the event, the two stars were asked to make a declaration.

“I promise not to leave any rice grains lying in my rice bowl,” said Horikita, to which Nagase said, “kawaii”.

“I promise not to experience any bad consequences with my ‘never mind’ decisions.

“Even if things do turn out bad, I want to take it as a good lesson,” Nagase said, to which Horikita said, “I just found another reason to respect my boss”.

Tomoya Nagase

Charlotte i is a chocolate stick with sauce on the inside, and comes in three sauce flavours: caramel, strawberry, and cream. The chocolates are set to be released in the Kanto region of Japan, as well as Shizuoka prefecture.

The commercial will go on air from September 27.


Goro Inagaki plays the villain in new TV drama

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SMAP’s Goro Inagaki (36) has been cast as the bad guy in the upcoming TV drama “流れ星 (Nagare-boshi)”, it was revealed yesterday, reports Sankei Sports.

The drama follows the love story between two characters played by Yutaka Tekenouchi (39) and Aya Ueto (24).

Inagaki will play Ueto’s older brother, who is willing to destroy his sister’s happiness in order to get money to pay off his mounting debts.

It is the second time Inagaki will play a villain, following his tyrant role in the feature film “13 Assassins”, taking another step away from his clean, gentle “Goro-chan” image.

The drama producers have said that the SMAP member’s character is very human in that he really does not want to hurt his sister, but does so anyway.

Inagaki said he was looking forward to playing a selfish character.

“He’s the guy that adds some spice to show so I hope I can play that part to the full.

“There are times you feel sorry for the guy, but most of the time he makes you think ‘oh, not him again’ so I hope I get my own intro music (laughs),” he said.

“流れ星 (Nagare-boshi)” starts to go on air in Japan on October 18 on Fuji TV.

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Kazuya Kamenashi’s first back flip in years

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Dressed up in a men’s suit, KAT-TUN’s Kazuya Kamenashi (24) performed his first backflip in two years for his latest commercial, reports Oricon.

The singer has been chosen to represent “3D Slim” suits, a new line of men’s suits made by AOKI.

The commercial, which goes on air in Japan on October 1, starts with Kamenashi in a room scattered with threads of red laser beams.  As the lasers move around Kamenashi performs a series of backflips and acrobatics to avoid them, showing the suit’s flexibility.  It ends with Kamenashi landing on his feet and making a signature pose.

It has been reported that Kamenashi was nervous about whether he was up to scratch with his dance moves.

“I think the last time I did a back flip was two years ago.  I’ll just have to give it a go,” he said.

Luckily the singer managed to get it right on his first try, and was reported to have had a huge smile on his face afterwards.

In a press release issued by AOKI yesterday, Kamenashi talked about how he felt going into the shoot.

“Filming was really fun.  A lot of the scenes needed me to do physically-demanding moves so in the beginning I wasn’t too confident with whether I could do it in a suit.  But when I moved around in the 3D Slim suit, it made moving around very easy so there weren’t many problems during shooting,” he said.

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